June’s Best New Picture Books

Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus

School’s out, and story time’s in! Instead of letting your kiddos roam the neighborhood to test their graffiti skills, celebrate this month of reclaimed freedom by adding a few new children’s books to your shelf. When it’s still light outside at bedtime, you’ll thank us for knowing just the characters to call upon for reinforcements. We know that nobody can fill laps and inspire bright young minds like George Washington, Pete the Cat, Han Solo, and Prissy & Pop. For even more ideas, check out our list below!

I am George Washington, by Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos
Playful, accessible, and engaging, this new spin on the centuries-old story of one of America’s first heroes is an engaging summer read for Founding Father fanatics. And the message—that anybody can be a hero—will inspire even those readers that have brazenly sworn off readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic for the season.

Pete the Cat’s Got Class, by James Dean
Counting, adding, and subtracting get a whole lot groovier when Pete the Cat is around! Pete’s good friend Tom is having trouble with his figures, but once Pete finds a way to help, math turns out to be pretty fun after all. Dive into this playful story tonight, and enjoy the stickers and flashcards all summer long.

Milk Goes to School, by Terry Border
Border, who tickled readers with Peanut Butter & Cupcake and Happy Birthday, Cupcake!, has returned with another surefire read-aloud hit. Milk has a bedazzled backpack and adoring, supportive parents, but she’s still pretty nervous about the first day of school. And it gets even worse when Waffle—a would-be pal—accuses her of being spoiled. Whether you giggle or groan at the near-constant puns, readers of all ages will appreciate the attention to detail and sweet resolution in this charming story.

Mira Forecasts the Future, by Kell Andrews and Lissy Marlin
Mira dreams of following in her fortuneteller mother’s venerable footsteps. Bedecked in gauzy clothing and a veritable rainbow of jewels, Madame Mirabella tells fortunes out of their caravan at the seaside, but Mira only sees fog when she gazes into the crystal ball. When she receives a pinwheel and windsock, however, Mira discovers that she might have a different sort of magic after all—she can predict the weather! Underscored by the tender mother-daughter bond, this sweet tale will remind readers that there’s untapped magic in all of us.

The Night Before Class Picture Day, by Natasha Wing and Amy Wummer
When it’s the night before Class Picture Day, nothing can be left to chance: hair must be styled, outfits must be carefully selected, and smile practice is essential. 12 hours later, when the big moment finally arrives and “cheese” is on the lips of every meticulously groomed child, will the event go as planned? Get ready for the big day with this picture-perfect story tonight!

Star Wars ABC-3PO: Alphabet Book, by Calliope Glass and Katie Cook
If you’ve been scouring the galaxy for an alphabet book that’s simply out of this world, then your spaceship has landed. From Akbar to Zed—and everything in between—this rhyming primer has everything you need to make the alphabet fun. May the force be with you at your next story time!

Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus, by Edward Hemingway
As the reigning “world’s most fearsome creature,” the Grumpasaurus is a difficult fossil to crack. But that’s before you research, observe—and, of course, get to know him. This guide, a first in the field of paleo-anthropological self-reflection, will cause quite a stir at your next story time, and for several more to come. As you deconstruct the Grumpasaurus page by page, your little reader will immediately notice parallels, and you’ll stifle more than a few chuckles. Dig in tonight!

Let Me Finish!, by Minh Lee and Isabel Roxas
When a bespectacled little boy settles down with a book to read under a tree, he’s expecting peace and relaxation. But soon, the animals hiding in the surrounding brush start offering their commentary—and some are even giving away the ending. Here’s a spoiler alert of our own: there’s a surprise in this engaging tale that you definitely won’t want to miss!

Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out, by Melissa Nicholson
Prissy and Pop, the miniature pig Instagram sensations, have ventured far from the pen this time. They’re now featuring in their very own photographic children’s book! Pop is determined to get to the beach for an adventure, but Prissy keeps finding anticlimactic errands to keep him from the sun and sand. Join them tonight on a rollicking adventure, and stay tuned for facts about the real-life pigs at the end!

What picture books are you warming up to this June?

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