Odd-Couple Truck Friends, A Kid Who Really Wants a Dog, and a Reminder That Water is Amazingly Beautiful: 12 October Picture Books We’re Excited About

There’s a chill in the air—which means it’s the perfect time for you and your child to wrap yourselves in a cozy blanket and read together. And these new picture books will keep you laughing, smiling and loving your time together. We’ve picked 12 of our favorites – with books for our earliest readers to those even adults will enjoy!

Fly!by Mark Teague
I absolutely adore books that tell a story simply in pictures, and this one does not disappoint! Anxious kids with separation anxiety will love this tale of a baby bird who avoids leaving the nest at all costs, and parents will find it relatable as well. Filled with hilarious excuses and entertaining illustrations, Teague shows us that sometimes children have to do things in their own time and find their own way.

I Want A Dog, by Jon Agee
My kids were howling laughing when they read this book. And without giving away the ending, their mouths dropped open at the last page as they said, “I didn’t see that coming!’ A great read for any child that’s ever wanted a pet, even if what they end up with is not exactly the animal they imagined…

Sweep, by Louise Greig and illustrated by Julia Sarda
You can’t think of fall without imagining leaves falling and winds blowing. But Ed isn’t in the mood for fall. In fact, Ed is in a very bad mood. This is a beautiful story of what happens when we don’t look up from our bad mood to see all the good around us, as well as a gentle, yet also amusing, reminder to both kids and adults of the effects on our moods on those around us.

The Knight Who Said “No!”by Lucy Rowland, illustrated by Kate Hindley
Sometimes it can be exhausting to always try to be perfect. No one knows that more than a little knight who never says no to those around him. Until one day, he tries it and things get a little out of hand. A perfect story about learning how to balance the needs of others and ourselves.

The Balcony, by Melissa Castrillon
Moving can be challenging for children, and this story turns that hardship into a beautiful tale of growing and blooming. In a story told through mostly illustrations, a young girl moves from her house to an urban apartment building and struggles with her place in this new world. However, through just one beautiful flower, she’s able to unite those around her and experience the joy of this new life chapter.

Arrivederci, Crocodile or See You Later, Alligator, begun by Fred Marcellino, completed by Eric Puybaret
Finally! A hilarious sequel to I, Crocodile! Napoleon and Crocodile return to take you on a journey across the world, filled with wildly funny twists and turns. From Egypt to Paris to Italy, the saga of these two sworn enemies will keep the pages turning through this charming adventure.

The Mermaid in the Bathtub, by Nurit Zarchi, illustrated by Rutu Modan 
By page two of this quirky read, my kids and I were looking at each other confused, wondering where on earth this story was going. However, we are glad we kept reading because The Mermaid in the Bathtub is a retelling of the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Little Mermaid, but this thought-provoking version leaves the reader wondering just how far you would go to fit in with others. Would you dare to be different? Would you have the courage? Plus, the vintage-style illustrations are stunning.

The Rhythm of the Rain, by Grahame Baker-Smith
Water can be beautiful in so many amazing ways. That’s what a little boy named Issac realizes when he plays in his special pool deep in the mountains. This gorgeously illustrated story that not only shows the power of water in our world, but all the things in nature that benefit from its resource. An environmental must read.

Small in the City, by Sydney Smith
It’s hard to be little. It’s even more challenging when you’re little in a big city. This simple yet beautiful story shows the big, intimidating world of city life from the perspective of a young girl. Most impactful is its message of finding peace and a feeling of safety in a bustling world of busyness all around you.

My Shape is Sam, by Amanda Jackson, illustrated by Lydia Nichols
Everyone knows a square is supposed to be sharp on the sides and a circle is round. But then one day, a simple square named Sam decides he’s going to break the mold and roll, like his friend the circle. What happens next shows readers the importance of finding your own shape and way to “roll”. This story has a beautiful message: that we all are unique and have the ability to be what we want—not what others tell us to be.

Two Tough Trucks, by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez, illustrated by Hilary Leung
Two Tough Trucks is a funny, rhyming tale of two truck odd-couple friends who couldn’t be more different but work together to get through a challenging task. It shows what happens when someone (or some truck) doesn’t let you say, “I quit!” A great way to demonstrate firsthand how hard work and good friends can get you through tough times ahead.

Sing a Song, by Kelly Starling Lyons, illustrated by Keith Mallett
In celebration of the 150 year anniversary of the song, “Life Every Voice and Sing”, this inspiring and powerful story shares the generational importance of this significant song. Begun as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln during the segregation era in 1900, this song impacted decades of lives by spreading the word of hope. A must read for all children and their families.

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