10 Great Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

As a parent, you might recall the days of going to the mailbox and pulling out a glossy, new magazine. It would immediately require at least an hour (or more) of alone time to read through the articles, gaze at the pictures, and embark on a few paper-based adventures. Well, kids these days are just as fond of magazines as we were. The quizzes and calendars, tips and to-dos are perfect for kids looking to jumpstart some inspiration. Magazines are also great picks for parents craving screen-free time for their children. The bonus is you can recycle them into collages and crafts when an issue is past its prime. Here are ten great magazine subscriptions for kids. Sign up and watch them eagerly dive into each new issue.

Sized just right for preschoolers eager to take on some crafts and beginning readers ready to explore vibrant stories, this magazine offers age-appropriate games, images, text, and to-dos for little ones. A one-year subscription delivers up to 10 issues, each catering to a specific theme for kids ages 3 to 6. Chirp, the lovable yellow chick, shows up in every issue and helps your child play and imagine beyond the classroom or home-based learning.

Chickadee - One Year Subscription

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For younger elementary students, this magazine encourages them to learn and explore the world around them. Published since 1979, each issue incorporates knowledge and humor, fostering a spirit of curiosity and connection. Kids not only contribute to a column, but sit on an advisory board for the magazine. Brain teasers, fun facts, simple science experiments, and fiction round out a magazine full of options for kids ages 6 to 9.

National Geographic Kids
If your kid is eyeing your copy of National Geographic, consider subscribing to the version just right for inquisitive little minds. With articles incorporating science and technology, culture and current events, the magazine makes it fun to learn about the world. Featuring curated content geared towards kids 6 to 14, each issue is sure to entertain and educate. Bonus: The magazine comes with something fun, like a pullout poster, map, or stickers. For children younger than 6, consider the National Geographic Little Kids subscription. Scaled to size with perfectly portioned content just right for early learners.

A generational favorite, there is a good chance you perused this magazine as a kid, and that your parents did, too! In publication since 1946, this magazine embodies a “fun with a purpose” attitude and delights elementary aged children every month. Each 40-page issue is full of curiosity and creativity. Hidden Pictures, crafts, science tasks, puzzles, matching games, culturally-diverse stories, and BrainPlay are just some of the features in the monthly issues. Prepare for a walk down memory lane when this subscription starts arriving at your front door.

Sports Illustrated Kids
Focusing on the constructive aspects of professional sports, elementary and middle school aged children will love having their finger on the pulse of their favorite hobbies. Each issue captures a variety of sports and an abundance of athletes, themes include perseverance, team work, goal setting, and positive attitudes. Great articles and professional photos make this sports magazine a winner for more than seven million young readers. A subscription for your kid is a guaranteed home run.

Discovery Girls - One Year Subscription

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Discovery Girls
Full of advice, inspiration, empowerment, and age-appropriate articles, kids ages 8 and up will enjoy each issue, cover to cover. Focusing on sports and school, friends and family, each issue offers practical help to work through problems, and inspiring ideas for new experiences. You, and your daughter, will appreciate the real-world approach to a healthy body image with readers driving the content and posing as the models.

American Girl - One Year Subscription

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American Girl
Preteens will love this informative magazine inspired by their favorite American Girl dolls. With editors who are focused on presenting content that helps girls deal with everyday problems, each issue is well thought out and age appropriate. Celebrating confidence and fostering independence, the magazine focuses on positive role models, educational content, and an appreciation for progress both individually and as part of a larger community.

Boys Life
The official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, this magazine features monthly issues full of adventure and excitement. With checklists, tech guides, outdoor expedition features, and projects, kids ages 8 and up will enjoy the curated content. With safety and service as tenets of the magazine, your child will be encouraged to get out and explore while giving back. Comics, jokes, and games are a bonus touch and add some fun to each issue.

Marvel Heroes - One Year Subscription

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Marvel Super Heroes
If your child loves super heroes, look no further than this magazine subscription. With bi-monthly issues delivered to your front door, your kids will love having their favorites—such as Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man—show up in their mailbox. Full of posters, comics, and puzzles, prepare to see your kid jump into an adventure with their favorite super heroes. Adults will even enjoy perusing this magazine.

Animal Tales
Chock full of furry friends and fuzzy pets, animal lovers will paw-sitively enjoy a subscription to this magazine. Animal themed games, puzzles, quizzes, jokes, and stories are in each issue. Bright and never boring, each issue encourages engagement by asking readers to submit photos, artwork, and stories to be featured in future issues. Collectible animal posters are a fun find in every bi-monthly issue for readers 6 to 12.

What magazine would your littles love to start getting in the mail?

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