Announcing the First B&N Kids’ Book Hangout on Saturday, July 28!

Calling all young readers, ages 6-12! On Saturday July 28th at 2pm, Barnes & Noble will host its first Kids’ Book Hangout—a fun social event where burgeoning bookworms can discover books, participate in activities, and celebrate reading along with other local kids. Kids can sign up for the event online at this link, and you can find your local store here. We’ve partnered with Penguin Random House to feature four terrific books across very different genres and reading levels at this inaugural event, which will be held seasonally:

Brown Girl Dreaming, by Jacqueline Woodson
In moving verse, Woodson shares the story of her coming of age during the civil rights movement. Her perspectives on friendship, family, and the world around her depict her love of words and story, and masterfully reveal her place as a young girl in the beautiful space of becoming.

More Scrawny Than Brawny (Caveboy Dave Series #1), by Aaron Reynolds
Dave Unga-Bunga has a creative streak, and he loves inventing things to make prehistoric life easier. But he’s growing up in a time and a place where muscles and might are valued over curiosity and smarts. Can Dave use his ingenuity to save his village from a dangerous pokeyhorn? The stakes are high in this hilarious book by the author of Creepy Carrots, which is sure to appeal to fans of Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

The Basque Dragon (Unicorn Rescue Society Series #2), by Adam Gidwitz
The brave and daring Unicorn Rescue Society is tasked with finding a missing dragon. But who on earth would kidnap a dragon?! And what will our intrepid sleuths actually do with said dragon once they find it? A funny, enchanting series for brand new independent readers who love adventure and mythical creatures.

She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah), by Ann Hood
It’s 1966, and twelve year old Trudy Mixer feels like her world is crashing down around her. Her best friend has ditched her for cheerleaders, her father barely acknowledges her at home, and her prized Beatles fan club is down to only three (unpopular) members. Channeling her frustrations into action, Trudy decides that the solution to her problems is to meet Paul McCartney during the Beatles’ final world tour in this heartwarming story set in the tumultuous and fascinating 1960s. Check out a guest post by the author here.


The Kids’ Book Hangout will include giveaways and activities centered around these four titles, which will also be 20% off all day (while at the Cafe, smoothies and Frappuccinos will be $1 off for all event participants!).

Barnes & Noble is thrilled to help kids celebrate books and to encourage them to find their next favorite author or series!

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