Let the Games Begin with Summer Game Nights at B&N!

If the thousands of board game meetups around the country, boasting more than a million members, are any sign, board and card games have never been more popular. These meetups are a testament to the power and appeal of playing a fun, geeky, challenging, or hilarious game with friends, no headsets or high-speed internet required. Games exercise your logic circuits, strategic genius, and creativity—all you need is the game, some players, and a comfortable place to spread out and play. To celebrate our killer selection, Barnes & Noble is psyched to be hosting a six-week Game Night series, starting Thursday, July 19. (And you can sign up for our next event right here!)

Every Thursday night from July 19 through August 23, B&N stores will be the ideal spot for your regular Game Night—or your first foray into tabletop gaming. There are a lot of reasons B&N is the perfect place to roll some dice and deal some cards. Let our cafés provide the drinks and snacks (no fuss, no cleanup), with deals including $5 flatbreads and buy one, get one free Frappuccinos. Not sure how to get started? Each Game Night will have a host, ready to help organize games and educate players. Have you been wanting to try a new game, but weren’t ready to commit? We’ll have game demo libraries on hand in each store, with featured games available for 10% off.

The demo games include a mix appropriate for all ages, including Boss Monster, Star Wars X-Wing, Superfight, and You Gotta be Kitten Me. With plenty of space to spread out, food and beverages mere steps away, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff at your service, Game Night is about to get a lot more epic.

B&N Game nights will include a few featured games each week, ranging from classics to devious new favorites. For the old-school folks, you’ll have the opportunity to bankrupt your friends and loved ones with Monopoly, prove you’re a walking dictionary with Scrabble (as well as the frenetic new variation Bananagrams), get back to old-school card tricks with UNO, and wrack your brains with Scattergories.

Want games of skill? B&N will be featuring games like Yeti in My Spaghetti, where you have to remove noodles without letting the yeti drop into the bowl, and the “Telephone for the 21st century” game Telestrations.

Prefer card games? We got you—some Game Nights will feature rounds of the hilarious Game of Things, where players write down responses to questions and you have to guess who said what, the insanity of Exploding Kittens, where you must avoid—yes—adorable cats that explode, or the imagination-intense Superfight, in which players build superpowered characters and pit them against each other.

Just want to have fun? No one said Game Night had to be hard. Cozy up to games like Harry Potter Clue, lynch a werewolf or two in One Night Ultimate Werewolf, or fire up your inner storyteller with a thought-provoking round of Dixit.

All of these games and more will be on hand at different Game Nights, so you can come by to play some old favorites or to discover new ones, make some new friends (and tabletop rivals) in the process, and enjoy a snack from the café. Because there’s one thing we know: whatever your age, whatever your skills, there’s a game out there for you—and this summer you’ll find it at your local Barnes & Noble.

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