Your Mini Maker Faire Guide to 3D Printing for Everyone

Maker Faire

While we’re not quite ready to shout “You get a printer! And you get a printer! Everyone gets a printer!” the truth is, we’re pretty excited about how accessible 3D printing has become. 3D pioneers are making tools, jewelry, and more right from their computers, and in their homes. You can design everything from a set of funky cookie cutters to a fluorescent rubber ducky. Gamers are making up their own rules and printing unique boards that give new meaning to the phrase “the house always wins.” Ingenious builders are printing their own minifigs when they run out of LEGOs at just the wrong moment. One 3D visionary combined his printing scraps to build a working wind turbine.

Whether you create something as terribly tall as a turbine or as tiny as a set of tweezers, the real satisfaction comes in seeing a gap in the market or noticing a problem, then designing a solution, and seeing your vision go from a 2D sketch on paper to a real 3D object that makes life a little easier or more fun. Is your coffee getting cold? Make a lid that’s perfectly sized to your favorite mug. Putting on a play that requires a rare prop? Design your own. Need to test the capabilities of that robot you’ve been building in the basement? Print a maze that takes advantage of your bot’s best features.

Wondering how to get started? The XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D printer has made 3D printing safe for newbie adults and kids ages 8 and up. Simply design, print, and release your creation on the world. Families can enjoy every step of the process as you sketch a design, then watch as the da Vinci prints at 100mm/second. The filament is biodegradable, so you can try printing a variety of designs, guilt-free!  Each printer includes software, STEAM-friendly lessons, and a gallery of projects to inspire your creativity. WiFi technology makes this an easy addition to any home office or tinker table.

If you want to try your hand at 3D printing, Barnes & Noble is hosting its annual Mini Maker Faire on November 5th and 6th. We hope you’ll join us for workshops, conversation, and more—Sign up here!

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