On October 15, Head to Your Local B&N for a Tabletop Gaming Meet Up!

The modern age sometimes feels dominated by screens and virtual experiences, which may explain why tabletop gaming is enjoying a surge in popularity. Tabletop games are social events where people have to be physically present—they require collaboration, and in turn they provide shared experiences, and represent a fun alternative for an evening out.

In fact, Barnes & Noble is so excited about tabletop games that we’re hosting our second Barnes & Noble Tabletop Gaming Meet Up this Saturday, October 15. Join us at any Barnes & Noble store nationwide at 7 p.m. for a night of socializing and competing with other players. Attendees will have the chance to compete for promo cards over games of Red Flags, Onitama, Warehouse 51, World’s Fair 1893, Boss Monster, and Kitty Paw. While joining in, you can give everyone on social media FOMO using the hashtag #BNGameNight.

Don’t miss out on the fun—come enjoy our newest tabletop gaming obsessions!


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