October Indie Books Roundup!

Paul Kwiatkowski's And Every Day Was Overcast

We love independent publishers, but great indie publications have a way of getting past us. Enter the Indie Roundup, a monthly review of new books we’re excited about, from independent, university, and small presses we love. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to among October releases:

1. And Everyday Was Overcast, by Paul Kwiatkowski (Black Balloon Publishing)

We relish a good novel + original pics combo, and Kwiatkowski’s new work offers that with an added bonus: the special iPad edition comes with an original soundtrack. Say what?? We love the music addition, and the novel’s synopsis sounds like a wicked good time, swirling together drugs, an island of rabbits, and teenage cruelty.

2. Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail, by Kelly Luce (A Strange Object)

This debut story collection from promising new writer Kelly Luce promises to be an artful introduction to the bizarre, featuring such surreal elements as an oracular toaster, a woman who grows a tail, and an extraordinary sex-change operation. The stories are set in Japan, and mix elements of the fantastic with basic tenets of the human condition.

3. One Game at a Time: Why Sports Matter, by Matt Hern (AK Press)

Former sportswriter Matt Hern makes a brainy plea for a wider variety of people to embrace sports. His radical perspective offers an incredibly fresh take on sports’ importance and its reach, and we want to see where he goes with it.

4. A Taste of Molecules: In Search of the Secrets of Flavor, by Diane Fresquez (The Feminist Press)

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Diane Fresquez spent a year on the trail of obsessive scientists and entrepreneurs trying to reveal the secrets of flavor and how we taste. She attacks questions like: Do men and women experience taste and smell differently? And what happens when you eat a meal completely in the dark? We’re excited about this book because we love food, and want to know more about why.

5. The United States vs. Private Chelsea Manning: A Graphic Account from Inside the Courtroom, by Clark Stoeckley (OR Books)

Drawing and writing in real time from inside the courtroom, artist and WikiLeaks activist Clark Stoeckley captures firsthand the captivating drama of The United States vs. Private Chelsea Manning. YES YES YES. We are stoked about this work.

What indie releases are you looking forward to this fall?

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