Our February YA Book Club Pick is Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen

At YA book club we discuss, question and imagine the worlds our favorite stories and characters take us to. And our February YA book club pick allows us to do just that. Abigail Hing Wen’s debut novel Loveboat, Taipei is a fresh and flirty take on first times and new beginnings. Featuring a summer of no parents and delicious food in a city far from home—Loveboat has a heartbeat you can feel from the start.

The eldest daughter of immigrant parents, Ever Wong is an Asian-American teenager destined for med school. Shipped off to a supposedly educational pre-college program, Chien Tan proves no match for love triangles and teenage mischief. Battling between expectations and identity, Ever’s passion for dance takes center stage as an unforgettable summer unfolds.

In an effort to balance parents, culture, and tradition, Ever constantly questions her dreams in relation to their repercussions. Hing Wen deftly explores the relationship—and conflicts—between Ever’s Eastern heritage and her Western upbringing. Loveboat celebrates the diversity of Asian voices and experiences. The narrative allows space for the characters to learn about their identities and to forge their own paths. 

As her story progresses from cautionary to adventurous, Ever begins to catch a glimpse of herself in the light from which she once hid. Hing Wen reminds us that sometimes to see what’s right in front of us we have to cross oceans. Sure to give you butterflies, Loveboat encompasses a romantic journey that interweaves themes of relationships and finding your true self.

Our Exclusive Edition of Loveboat, Taipei contains a letter from the author and three bonus deleted scenes. Our next YA Book Club night is Friday, February 7th at 7PM. Check your local B&N for details. We hope to see you there!

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