Our January YA Book Club Pick: Reverie by Ryan La Sala

Our YA book club brings readers together to discuss compelling stories and characters—and our January pick stands out for more reasons than one. Combining dreamscapes with real-life, Reverie by Ryan La Sala is both a suburban teen’s coming-of-age story and a fresh take on fantasy that leaves no voice unheard in a beautiful and blended world.

Nothing is what it seems in Kane Montgomery’s life: his memories are a mess, he doesn’t know who to trust, and all the places he knows keep morphing into places he doesn’t. Reverie is more than a page-turning adventure story, it’s a novel that explores social constructs and stereotypes through unforgettable characters like Kane and mixed narrative genres. Featuring whimsical adventures grounded in authentic experiences, this story of personal discovery is a true testament to the process of understanding and accepting oneself. Tackling issues of queerness, identity, and relationships, Reverie offers a refreshing twist on queer voices—and through an unapologetic and honest narrative, Reverie delivers a powerful, relatable story that draws parallels to our society today.

An empowering account of uncovering one’s identity, Reverie not only addresses what makes us different but celebrates it. Making space for queer voices in literature, La Sala has allowed for a unique protagonist to find out who he is, and more importantly, who he wants to be. With a constant pulse of wit and humor throughout, this fantasy novel speaks volumes to the power of trust, friendship, and individuality. Our Exclusive Edition of Reverie includes an annotated chapter with handwriting and drawings from the author in the margins, two pages of author notes, two pages of illustrations from the author, and a discussion guide.

Our next YA Book Club night is January 10th at 7PM. Call your local B&N for details.

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