Our September Picks are Here!

Fall is so close we can taste it—literally—Pumpkin Spice is technically already back. And since nothing speaks to us more than cozying up with a great book and a hot coffee in the crisp autumn air, we’re thrilled to announce our newest Monthly Picks! Follow the dreams and ambitions of an unforgettable family, get sucked into a nail-biting Southern thriller, walk in the shoes of three generations of strong women, join the haunting search for a killer—and solve the mystery of the disappearing teenagers. Grab them all and prepare to ‘fall’ in love with a great new read.

Our Monthly Fiction Pick

Red at the Bone
Jacqueline Woodson

“Poignant. Beautiful. Graceful. Award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson has done it again and given us an unforgettable story about the tethers of family, the ebb and flow of love and the sometimes-hefty price of ambition. Jumping back and forth in time through multiple generations, Red at the Bone is the ultimate portrait of family. The lyrical and poetic prose will leave an indelible imprint long after the back cover is closed.” — Shannon D, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

“Every one of these characters will stay with you. Their dreams, passions, and hopes will be briefly yours and at times you may find yourself catching your breath. I simply loved this book.”—Kat S, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

Our Monthly Mystery & Thriller Pick

Heaven, My Home
Attica Locke

“Texas Ranger Darren Mathews is in search of a missing child. The standard fare of a premise is deceptive as the book is far more than just an “in search of” plot. The search turns out to be wrapped around subplots of family dynamics, race, relationships and heritage. The characters in the novel are dynamic in their foibles and attributes, and there is a deep “sense of place” in the setting of the Texas-Louisiana border. Heaven, My Home goes far beyond the typical tropes of a mystery into an instant classic.” — Jules H, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

“I can’t think of a mystery timelier than Attica Locke’s newest book, Heaven, My Home. She brilliantly covers the complexities of race, police and rural life among the surprisingly gothic setting of towns along Highway 59 in East Texas. It’s an exceptional sequel to Bluebird, Bluebird but could easily be read as a standalone novel.”—Tara S, Bookseller, Brentwood, TN

Our Monthly Nonfiction Pick

In the Country of Women: A Memoir
Susan Straight

“A singular and deeply personal memoir told through the tapestry of three generations of women in one sprawling, multiracial, multiethnic extended family. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and nieces tackle head-on the searing realities of gender, race and class oppression but emerge in their stories as heroines, each of an often-perilous odyssey. It is a book animated by its gorgeous prose, and encompassing and generous love.” — Sallye L, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

“I just loved this book so much. It made me think about the ways the women in my family have approached motherhood … and how those approaches affect our family stories. It’s a beautiful book.”—Marie C, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

Our Monthly YA Pick

Courtney Summers

“A deeply dark and uncomfortable read, this book will haunt you long after you’ve finished. Following the death of her little sister, Sadie is fueled solely by her need for revenge against the man who killed her and disappears on a journey to do just that. Summers expertly weaves together the story of the missing 19-year-old, alternating chapters between her perspective and that of the podcast host following her trail across the country to try to uncover her whereabouts. A must-read for fans of true crime and crime fiction.” — Stephanie P, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

“This thriller has teeth! An electrifying thrill-ride of a novel; you’ll want to dive in and not come up for air until you’re gasping at the very last page.”— Dana W, Bookseller, Houston, TX

Our Monthly Young Reader Pick

The Remarkables
Margaret Peterson Haddix

“After moving to a new town, Marin is out exploring one day when she stumbles upon a group of teenagers hanging out and having fun after school. She stops for a moment to watch them when suddenly – they’re gone without a trace. A mystery at its core, this is also a profound story about friendship, growing up and new beginnings that any young reader will enjoy.” — Stephanie P, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

“The cover intrigued me. The story− a magical mystery− captivated me, but the friendship is what I found the most remarkable of all.”—Lindsay B, Bookseller, B&N Home Office

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