Perfect Gifts for the Minecraft Fans on Your List

Minecraft is the biggest thing going in gaming these days, so chances are good you’ve got at least one player on your holiday shopping list. Here’s an assortment of gifts that will delight the Minecraft enthusiast in your life.

Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection
This boxed set collects the four official handbooks approved by Mojang, the company behind the phenomenon: the Essential Handbook, Construction Handbook, Combat Handbook, and Redstone Handbook. These easy-to-read guides provide advanced tips geared toward even the game’s youngest enthusiasts.

Minecraft Adventure T-shirt
Young Minecrafters can share their love of the game with this shirt, featuring a mob and his trusty pickaxe. Suitable for adventuring on the computer or in the real world.

LEGO Minecraft Micro World
Minecraft is almost like a giant computerized LEGO set, so it’s only natural that you can bring your creations into the real world through official Minecraft LEGO kits. This basic starter model includes everything you need to construct a perfect re-creation of Minecraft’s most familiar landscape. The 480-piece set includes two Micromob figures, custom bricks, and lots of 1×1 LEGO tiles, allowing for almost endless customization.

LEGO Minecraft Micro World: The End
Once you’ve mastered the basic Minecraft world in LEGO form, you can move on to the bleak landscape of The End, ruled over by the Ender Dragon and the Endermen. This moody 440-piece kit comes with a dragon and four Endermen Micromob figures. Your giftee’s imagination will soar as she heads into battle.

LEGO Minecraft Micro World: The Village
Villages pop up around the worlds of Minecraft like weeds, and with this kit, you can start one growing right on your desk. This 466-piece set allows you to create and customize your own village. It also comes with pig, villager, and zombie Micromob figures.

Build, Discover, Survive! Mastering Minecraft
Whether you’re new to the world of Minecraft or a more seasoned user looking for advanced techniques, this 200-page guide from BradyGames offers just what you need to dig your way out of (or into) the hole you’ve gotten yourself stuck in.

Advanced Strategy Guide to Minecraft
The perfect gift for the Minecrafter who could teach a seminar on concepts like Redstone, mods, custom maps, mob spawners, and more, this comprehensive user’s guide contains a wealth of advanced information.

Minecraft Animal 6-pack
This Animal Mobs multipack includes enough critters to populate your overworld (or that dusty space above your computer monitor) in one go. The set includes adorably chunky pig, sheep, cow, wolf, ocelot, and chicken figures.

Diamond Steve Vinyl Figure
Every Minecrafter knows good ol’ Steve, one of the default “skins” for the game’s world-wandering adventurers, and every Minecrafter will love this 6-inch vinyl re-creation of his familiar grinning visage. And just to give him something to do, he also comes with a pickaxe and a 2-inch dirt block.

Overworld Spider Jockey Action Figure
Spotting a skeleton riding a giant spider is a rare, near-mythical event in Minecraft, but with this fully-articulated action figure in your collection, it can be an everyday occurrence. Which is the only instance we can think of where we’d welcome seeing a spider every day.

Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft
A great mix of beginner and advanced techniques, this book would be an invaluable resource to, say, the hapless parent desperate to figure out just what their Minecraft-obsessed progeny have been doing in front of the computer for hours on end. And for the seasoned Minecrafter, this guide contains fresh insights, as well as useful tips and tricks.

Big Book of Minecraft: The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft & Other Building Games
The landscape of Minecraft is ever-changing, both inside the game and in the real world, and this newly updated volume includes all the latest developments truly dedicated players will want to know about, from advanced mining and farming techniques, to details on the newest mods, to profiles of some of the most influential players in the Minecraft community.


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