Romance Roundup: A Conflicted Assassin, a Good Witch, and a Sexy Small-Town Sheriff


Accidentally Over, by Jean Pamfiloff
You think you’re lonely? Well Máax, the God of Truth, has been searching for a mate for over 70,000 years. Part of his problem is that he’s invisible. Another part of his problem is that Ashli, the beautiful woman he’s finally fallen for, seems fated to die, one way or another, every time he tries to approach her. (You try not running off a cliff when being pursued by the invisible God of Truth.) No matter how many times Máax comes to her rescue, Ashli always seems to perish, despite which (or perhaps because of which) he is increasingly convinced she holds the key to preventing the apocalypse. Pamfiloff’s edgy sense of humor and twisted imagination will have you hooked on her highly entertaining Accidentally Yours series.

Wickedly Dangerous, by Deborah Blake
The charming first novel in a magical new series gives us the real story behind Baba Yaga, who has long been feared and hated as a witch by Russian children. As it turns out, the title of Baba Yaga is actually shared by a number of lovely but misunderstood women who help keep the balance between the normal world and the supernatural. The current iteration of Baba Yaga is traveling incognito through upstate New York under the name Barbara Yeager—but when she comes across a suspicious missing-children case that appears to have magical connotations, she finds herself thrown together with handsome small-town sheriff Liam McClellen—and things grow deliciously complicated between them, despite the fact that romance isn’t supposed to be part of her plan.

Forged by Desire, by Bec McMaster
The ambitious Perry Lowell has worked her way up the ranks to become a respected member of the Nighthawk guard—and the sparks fly when she’s partnered with Captain Garret Reed, whom she’s loved for years. The two are on a mission together to stop a horrific creature that’s been preying on women, and when Garret suggests they use Perry as bait to trap the creature, his plan backfires. In the meantime, Perry’s got her own problems, with a madman hot on her trail. The 4th book in McMaster’s vivid London Steampunk series, Forged by Desire is filled with evocative descriptions of an alternate Victorian London, and action-packed, masterfully plotted story lines.

What romance novels are you reading this week?

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