Romance Roundup: Ballet Dancers, Attorneys, and Fierce Highland Lasses

This week’s Romance Roundup includes a ballet dancer who is trying to get back in the dancing game, a K9 unit lady who really wants to prove herself, and a high-powered attorney with a tough case—and an extremely hot bachelor—to deal with.

Bad Reputation, by Stefanie London
Wes Evans is the son of Broadway royalty, but all he really wants to do is strike it big on his own and make a huge impression on the art world. He’s already made a huge impression in general, thanks to an online app called Bad Bachelors that touts his, ahem, endowment to the public. (And no, we’re not talking about art donations, here.) His endowment is quite large (teehee) but Wes doesn’t want people to focus on THAT, which is really hard (haha) because he’s so darn hot. He finds hope in ballet dancer Remi Drysdale. Her last chance at getting back into the ballet game lies in Wes’ large, soothing, manly, capable hands. The thing is, Wes and Remi soon realize that they actually like each other. A lot. (Oh, Remi, you are in for SUCH a treat!) Here’s hoping they manage to put on an amazing production that puts their respective careers on track! This is the second book in London’s Bad Bachelor series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on August 7.)

Through the Fire, by Katie Ruggle
It’s hard to imagine, but our gal Kit Jernigan is having a tough time fitting in with her new K-9 unit. (With the humans, that is, not the puppies!) She knows who is behind the latest killing, but no one will believe her, so she enlists the help of fire spotter Wesley March. (Oh, we spot something, alright. We spot a hottie!) Kit and Wesley will need to work very closely together if they’re going to catch this killer, who might be WAY closer than anyone would ever suspect. (Oh, that we all had the chance to work closely with Wesley and his rippling muscles!) Can Kit and Wesley nab this terrible, terrible person? And will Kit get the chance to strip Wesley of all of his firefighting gear? (Do it slowly, Kit! Savor that moment and do it with confidence!) This is the fourth book in Ruggle’s Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on August 7.)

Good Luck with That, by Kristan Higgins
Emerson, Georgia, and Marley met at a weight-loss camp when they were teenagers, and they became best buds for life. Then Emerson dies, which is super duper sad because she was a super duper supportive friend, and her last wish was that her gals finally let go of their pain and live their best lives. (BRB! Making a shrine to Emerson!) Georgia needs to let her ex-husband love her, because she is awesome and 100 percent worthy of love. Oh, and she needs to get her annoying mother and brother off of her case. (Georgia, do you need us to stand by your side and growl and snarl at them? Because we would totally do that!) As for Marley, she needs to overcome some major survivor’s guilt. Her twin sister died, and this has had some terrible romance-related consequences for our gal. Georgia and Marley, you are both awesome ladies and you must realize that you both deserve happy, love-filled lives! (Available in paperback and NOOK on August 7.)

Desperate Girls, by Laura Griffin
Defense attorney Brynn Holloran LOVES being described as tough, intimidating, and so on and so forth. She’s put a lot of bad guys behind bars, and she is showing zero signs of stopping. But then a murderer she once helped put behind bars is out again, and he’s looking for some major revenge. She decides to hire some private security, and let’s just say her new personal guard, Erik, would make ANY lady instantly feel safer. (Erik, you should take Brynn to a secludedand securemountain cabin and make her feel safe on top of a fluffy bearskin rug! Just saying.) Brynn still wants to pursue this particular investigation, though, because she refuses to cower. Can Brynn and Erik manage to dodge Brynn’s would-be killer? And put him back behind bars? And when all the drama is overand maybe at least twice before it’s all overcan Erik let Brynn slowly but surely undress him down to his beautiful skin? (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on August 7.)

Highland Betrayal, by Alyson McLayne
Laird Callum MacLean has plans to marry Maggie MacDonnell, because betrothal and duty and clans and such. (He doesn’t appreciate yet how truly amazing and fierce his bride-to-be is.) His plans are delayed, though, when his father dies under some very suspicious circumstances. Some folks think it’s suicide, but Callum is convinced he was murdered, and so he needs to figure out who killed his father before he can bring Maggie to his home. Maggie isn’t doing too well herself, though, so she decides to escape her home in search of her fiance. She ends up finding him, and let’s just say she’s feeling a tad abandoned. (Let him explain, Maggie! But yes, make him work for it!) Here’s hoping they manage to resolve the sinister stuff, and that they realize they’ve found a strong and wonderful life partner in each other! This is the third book in McLayne’s Sons of Gregor MacLeod series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on August 7.)

A Stallion Dream, by Deborah Fletcher Mello
Major power couple alert! Collin Stallion, in addition to pretty much being the man of every woman’s dreams, is working hard to free a wrongfully convicted person. (Oh, Collin, we wouldn’t mind keeping you company during late-night paperwork reviewing sessions!) His collaborator in this high-profile mission is attorney London Jacobs. In addition to being a gorgeous and kind-hearted woman, London is extremely no-nonsense, and she refuses to fall for Collin’s charm. (London, we admire your tenacity, but we wouldn’t judge you at all for making an exception for a guy like Collin!) Then they start to get to really knowand likeeach other, which would be all fine and dandy except that some creep is after Collin and London’s ex-fiance is working hard to win her back. (It’s not going to happen, buddy, so back off or else!) Can they free an innocent person? And can they then go on to have a sexy and fulfilling life together? This is the latest book in Fletcher-Mello’s extensive Stallions series. (Available in paperback on August 21.)

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