Romance Roundup: Bounty Hunters, Reunited Spouses, and Prodigal Cowboys

This week’s Romance Roundup includes a bounty hunter who gets some help tracking down her mother, a soap opera star who is about to get her big movie break, and a cowboy who comes back home after an eight-year absence.

In Her Sights, by Katie Ruggle
Our gal Molly Pax works hard. Not only is she a bounty hunter, but she and her sisters also own a bail recovery business. Yes, Molly is a busy gal indeed, and she becomes busier when her mom jumps bail and puts the family home up for collateral. (Note to self: Give Mom an extra big hug ASAP!) This prompts all kinds of criminals in the region to start viewing Molly and her family as their next targets. Molly needs to find her mom (like, right now) and she ends up getting help from rival bounty hunter and cutie patootie John Carmondy. (You know the type—exceptionally tall, sensual, and vigorous. That kind of guy.) He and Molly have this whole You’re-My-Enemy-And-Yet-I-Want-To-Bone-You kind of relationship. Oh, get over yourselves, you two! Find Molly’s conniving mother, ward off the enemies, and then proceed to, ahem, address your feelings for each other! This is the first book in Ruggle’s Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 26.)

A Touch of Sun, by Nora Roberts
This reprint contains two stories in one! In “Mind Over Matter,” documentary maker David Brady has finally found a real psychic to be his next subject. Trouble is, that psychic’s agent, A.J. Fields, is also her daughter, and A.J. is NOT going to let her mom be made fun of by anyone, even a hottie such as David. David is persistent, though, and he soon realizes that he just might have feelings for the elusive A.J. In “Dual Image,” soap opera star Ariel Kirkwood gets a coveted role in a film written by sexy screenwriter Booth DeWitt. She can’t get too carried away with her crush, though, because she’s busy trying to get custody of her brother’s son. As for Booth, he and his ex-wife had a super duper public breakup, and so he is VERY reluctant to embark on a public relationship with an actress. Can they find a way to each get what they want while also living a happy, private life together? (Available in paperback on March 26.)

Forget Me Not, by Brenda Jackson
Ashley Ryan is still feeling the heartbreak three years after her husband’s death. Her girlfriends decide to take her to Catalina Cove, Louisiana for some much-needed R&R. She meets Ray Sullivan, a hunky, strong and silent type of guy who looks exactly like her late husband, Devon. Turns out, Devon did not die in a car crash. Instead, he woke up in a local hospital with amnesia. “Ray” is very, very drawn to Ashley, and Ashley really wants her husband back. (And who wouldn’t? Devon has always been the best kind of guy—with the best kind of heart and body! This is NOT a man any woman would easily forget.) Ashley is determined to win her man back. (Ashley, we absolutely, 100 percent support you in this!) Here’s hoping that Devon and Ashley manage to reconnect on some level and that she and Devon move on to create a brand-new life together! This is the second book in Jackson’s Catalina Cove series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 26.)

A Lord Apart, by Jane Ashford
Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield, has just lost his parents, and he soon learns that they left a house to a Penelope Pendleton. Daniel has no idea who this woman is, but he is pleasantly surprised when he does finally meet her. Not only is she beautiful and kind, but she’s also really good at estate-related paperwork, which he detests. (Penelope, would you please help us all with our taxes? Thanks!) As for Penelope, her brother recently engaged in some horrendously scandalous behavior, and so her family needs to lay low for a bit. The new house just might be the answer. The thing is, she didn’t realize the house would come with such a ridiculously handsome distraction. Daniel and Penelope have no more room for scandal in their respective lives, but they soon realize they wouldn’t mind engaging in some scandalous behavior with each other. Go for it, you two! This is the second book in Ashford’s Way to a Lord’s Heart series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 26.)

The Trouble with Cowboys, by Victoria James
Tyler Donnelly had zero plans to return to Wishing River, Montana. (He left eight years ago after having a major fight with his dad and was all like “Peace out, forever!”) His dad recently had a stroke, though, so Tyler goes back to his hometown and LOTS of things have changed. One major change is Lainey Sullivan. She is all grown up and runs the local diner her grandmother left her. (Her grandmother also warned her against falling for cowboys, which is going to be a problem, because Tyler is the kind of hunky guy who would make the most confident of women rethink her life choices.) That said, Tyler’s father has been a huge help to Lainey over the years, so she can’t just look the other way whenever Tyler walks by. (Neither could we, Lainey. Neither could we.) She’ll need to convince Tyler to stick around for good. Tyler, please let go of your grudges, make peace with your dad, and proceed to build a happy life with Montana’s #1 lady! (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 26.)

The Real Deal, by Lauren Blakely
This reprint features heroine April Hamilton, who is in a pickle. She has a family reunion to attend, and let’s just say that being single at said family reunion is NOT fun. At all. (April, your super-duper meddling family just wants you to be happy!) She ends up soliciting some help from a website called GigsForHire, where Theo Banks is ready to pretend to be any woman’s boyfriend—for a fee. His only goal in life at this point is to settle his debts and get his life back on track. (Okay, Theo, we won’t judge, but let’s just take a moment to admit that you have a body worth cuddling!) Theo and April go to her family’s reunion, and they proceed to have all kinds of silly fun. Here’s hoping they realize how lucky they are to have found each other, and that they proceed to live happy, fun-filled lives together! (Available in paperback on March 26.)

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