Romance Roundup: Christmas Miracles, Royal Secretaries, and Gallery Owners

This week’s Romance Roundup includes a married couple that wants to get pregnant, a single mom who meets a very handsome (and formal) British man, and a gallery owner who’s about to investigate her friend’s death. 

A Mrs. Miracle Christmas, by Debbie Macomber
Wife-and-husband team Laurel and Zach McCullough are not having the easiest time this holiday season. They really, really want to get pregnant, but let’s just say the right stripes aren’t exactly showing up on the pregnancy test. On top of that, they’ve moved in with Laurel’s grandmother, who cannot take care of herself. Oh, and there are, like, zero caregivers in the area to help out. (Zach and Laurel, you are both kind and tenacious people and we all admire your commitment to family!) Then Mrs. Miracle arrives on the scene, and one of her first orders of business is to help take care of Laurel’s granny, who soon thrives under her care. (Laurel, this is perfect! Now you and Zach have plenty of extra time on your hands to join giblets! To go all the way! In other words…go and make that baby!) Here’s hoping that Laurel gets preggo ASAP, that her grandmother gets to live her best life in her golden years, and that Mrs. Miracle decides to pass by all of our houses! (Available in hardcover and NOOK on October 1.) 

Royal Holiday, by Jasmine Guillory
Vivian Forest’s daughter, Maddie, just got an amazing gig: to style a British royal family member. (Maddie, we must all learn your Instagram handle STAT!) Vivian decides to join Maddie on this work trip to England and do the tourist thing while her daughter works. (Vivian, may we join you? Pretty, pretty please!!!) She crosses paths with Malcolm Hudson, who’s been the queen’s—sorry, The Queen’s—private secretary for many years, a job that requires him to be exceptionally formal all the time. (Vivian, please don’t be discouraged by Malcolm’s stoic demeanor! Beneath that Savile Row bespoke suit beats the warm heart of a very kind man who wants nothing more than to kiss you silly!) Malcolm and Vivian end up spending quite a bit of quality time together over the holidays. Once they share a delicious kiss under the mistletoe, it all just goes up (hehe) from there. Will they find a way to make things last past the holidays? Can Vivian see the joyous possibilities of relocating to the UK? And, most importantly, does Malcolm have a country house we can all visit? (Available in hardcover and NOOK on October 1.) 

Poemsia, by Lang Leav
Fun YA alert! Verity wants to be a poet. Like, a famous poet. The kind of poet whose work resonates with many, many people and literally changes their lives. (Verity, this is an awesome, awesome dream and we have 100% faith that you can make it happen!) She’s already got at least two entities on her side. One is her best friend, who is also her best cheerleader and believes in her and thinks she’s awesome. (Three cheers for Verity AND for this wonderful friend she has!) Verity also has her cat, Zorro. He’s not much of a poetry lover, but his cuddles still play an extremely important role in her life and provide her with much-needed warmth and affection. (It’s official, Zorro: We all love you, too!) Then Verity finds a book called “Poemsia,” which helps catapult her into social media stardom—and into a world where poets are treated like the rock stars they are. (Verity, please take us all to this magical place!) Add a super duper cute guy to the mix and it looks like our gal is in for the ride of her young life! (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.) 

The Sisters Cafe, by Carolyn Brown
Originally published in 2013 as “The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee” and later as “What Happens in Texas,” this story follows twin sisters Cathy and Marty Andrew. They live in Cadillac, Texas, and they each have very different ideas when it comes to cowboys. Marty’s attitude is all “So many sexy cowboys, so little time” (which is totally understandable), while Cathy wants someone stable who can make her white picket fence dreams come true. (Nothing wrong with this, Cathy, but please don’t settle!) Now, Cathy is engaged to an up-and-coming politician, but neither he or his mother give our gal the warm fuzzies. (Oh, and did we mention that said up-and-coming politician ALWAYS takes his mother’s side? SO not cool!) Cathy, though, will ultimately need to be the one to decide whether to cut this sucker loose. (Pity, because some of us cough me cough had a great idea that involved running and screaming after the creep while brandishing a Swiffer.) Cathy, please think really hard about this engagement and ask yourself whether you actually really love someone else. Like a local cowboy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.) 

Christmas in Harmony Harbor, by Debbie Mason
Our gal Evangeline Christmas is on a mission to save her family’s year-round holiday store. Her nemesis: the very hunky, if not entirely personable, real estate developer Caine Elliot. He’s just too powerful, and our gal is getting desperate. (Caine, buddy, do you REALLY have to bulldoze Evangeline’s shop? It provides SO much local charm. Don’t you understand the high real estate value of local charm?!) Evangeline proceeds to cut Caine a deal: If he fulfills three wishes from her shop’s Angel Tree, she’ll bow out gracefully and let him build whatever the heck he wants. This seems easy enough, but it turns out that Caine has major leftover issues from his childhood and that deep, deep down he really wants to toss away his hard hat and get into the Christmas spirit. Oh, Caine, please just let the giving spirit flow through your veins and realize that Evangeline is the woman for you and that you can build your little real estate empire just down the street! This is the ninth book in Mason’s Harmony Harbor series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.)

Hidden Cove, by Meg Tilly
Gallery owner Zelia Thompson has just been told that her friend died of a drug overdose. This is horribly, horribly sad, but Zelia is also WAY too smart to fall for this explanation. She knew her late friend very well and knows this is SO not what could have happened. Zelia is determined to unravel the mystery of her friend’s death and find out the truth. (Sounds good, Zelia, but first, we’re all giving you lots and lots of hugs!) She gets some help from crime novelist Gabe Conaghan. He’s come to Solace Island to take care of a small matter, but now it looks like he’s going to be in town for a bit longer than he planned. This is great for so many reasons—Zelia could use a helping hand, for one, and Gabe also brings quite the skillset to the proverbial table. (Oh, he also has a gorgeous face to go with that imaginative, clever brain of his!) Here’s hoping they solve the mystery soon, that Zelia gets the closure she needs, and that she and Gabe take a relaxing, tropical vacation together! This is the third book in Tilly’s Solace Island series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.)

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