Romance Roundup: Dating App Creators, Kind-Hearted Ranchers, and Sewing Circles

This week’s Romance Roundup includes two tech rivals who just might benefit from a merger, a single mom who’s about to face her ferocious grandmother for the first time in a long time, and a woman who’s about to be wooed by the handsomest of ranchers. 

The Right Swipe, by Alisha Rai
Tech genius Rhiannon Hunter and former pro-football player Samson Lima shared a hot and heavy night together. (As in, the kind of night that makes one want to take up journaling and poetry and every other form of writing so that they can commemorate the magic.) Then Samson disappeared. Like, on purpose. (Dude, how could you?!?!) This made Rhiannon a tad upset, because Samson is a rather fine-looking specimen of manly man, whether he’s wearing his athletic gear or his best suit or nothing at all! Fast forward a few months and Rhiannon and Samson are in each other’s faces again thanks to a potential business deal. They’ve each created a dating app, and there might be the possibility of a merger. (Ooh, Rhiannon and Samson, please tell us all about said dating apps and their creep-blocking features!)  Will Samson realize he was a doofus to not stick around longer? Will Rhiannon make her tech business dreams come true? And once that business deal gets signed, will Rhiannon and Samson realize they’ll never have to swipe again? (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on August 6.) 

Life and Other Inconveniences, by Kristan Higgins
Our gal Emma London had a rough upbringing. Her mom died when she was still a kid, and her father promptly left her on the doorstep of Genevieve London, Emma’s paternal grandmother. Now, Genevieve is no ordinary woman. She is the head of one of the world’s major fashion empires. Oh, she also kicked Emma out of the house when she got pregnant in her teen years. Emma went on to live with another relative and raise her daughter and build a beautiful life for them both, because she’s a strong, badass woman and EMMA WE ALL LOVE YOU, but she never quite forgave her grandmother for doing that to her. Almost 20 years later, Genevieve reaches out to Emma and asks for help. Emma will need to gather all of her courage again to face her past and deal with her grandmother. Girl, you’ve got this! And Genevieve, it wouldn’t hurt if you do something a tad grandmotherly, like set out some milk and cookies! (Available in paperback and NOOK on August 6.)

Dark Sentinel, by Christine Feehan
Lorraine Peters just lost her entire family, so she’s off to the woods for a little R&R. She comes across Andor Katona, who is being attacked by three vampire hunters. Lorraine rescues him, because she’s awesome like that, and Andor soon realizes he might have just found his lifemate. (Andor, in addition to having a rippling upper body, you are also very, very smart! Lorraine is definitely the kind of amazing lady you want by your side for life.) They are about to get cozy when a master vampire sets his sights on Lorraine—and on destroying Andor’s fellow Carpathian people. (Lorraine and Andor, we may not be the most competent allies in this particular fight, but we’ll make you a nice dinner when it’s all over!) Here’s hoping they both manage to defeat this master vampire and build a new life together! This book is part of Feehan’s extensive Carpathian series. (Available in paperback on August 6.)

Phantom Waltz, by Catherine Anderson
Bethany Coulter had a barrel-racing accident years ago that left her in a wheelchair, but she hasn’t let that get in the way of her being a kind, outspoken person with a fun sense of humor. (Bethany, we’re all coming over to hang out with you and bask in your awesomeness and WE’RE NOT LEAVING!) That said, she’s a tad guarded when it comes to matters of the heart, because someone in her past might have been not so nice to her. (Bethany, just point us in the right direction and we’ll sic ‘em!) Then Bethany meets rancher Ryan Kendrick, the kind of man with whom a lady would not mind at all if he were to plow her fields. Ryan is smarter than the average cowboy, and it doesn’t take him long to realize that he’d like to be with Bethany on a permanent basis. Bethany, please, please, please realize that Ryan is a great guy with a big heart to go with that big plow! And Ryan, buddy, step up your game ASAP and prove to Bethany what a wonderful man you are! This reprint is part of Anderson’s Coulter series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on August 6.) 

Blood Truth, by J.R. Ward
Boone has worked his way up the ranks of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and now he’s a lean, mean, fighting machine. (Good for you, Boone, for getting a well-deserved promotion!) Oh, and let’s just say that, looks-wise, he is the Grade A maple syrup on our waffles. The parmesan cheese on our pasta. The hot sauce on our eggs. (Note to self: Buy groceries!) Now he’s working on a case with a former homicide cop to investigate a serial killer, one who is targeting women at a live action role play club. (Boone, are we talking about the zombie apocalypse kind of role-playing club or the naughty kind of role-playing club? Either way, we’re down to help investigate!) That’s where he meets Helaine, who’s on a mission of her own. Her sister was murdered in that very same club, and Helaine is ready to kick some butt and take some names. Here’s hoping they solve their respective mysteries soon, that Helaine gets closure about her sister, and that she and Boone find time to engage in their own role-playing sessions! This is the fourth book in Ward’s Black Dagger Legacy series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on August 13.) 

The Oysterville Sewing Circle, by Susan Wiggs
Caroline Shelby was living the high life in Manhattan and working towards becoming a big-name fashion designer, but then some pretty terrible things happened. She’s decided to head back home to the seaside town of Oysterville, Washington after spending 10 years away. Oh, and she’s got two orphaned kids in tow. (Caroline, we’ll all happily babysit while you get your life back in order!) She thinks she’ll leave all of the drama behind her, but it turns out the drama just might be getting started. Her siblings have some serious issues, for one, plus there’s Will Jensen, her old flame who broke her heart and left Caroline for her best friend. (To quote Jane Austen’s Mr. Knightley, badly done, Will! Badly done!) Yes, our gal has been through a lot lately, but she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and deal with all of the drama and not let it get the best of her. That’s right, Caroline! You’re a super awesome lady and don’t you dare forget it! (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on August 13.)

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