Romance Roundup: Detectives, Alaska Love Stories, and Dance Competitions

This week’s Romance Roundup includes two lady detectives with a serial killer to catch, a neurosurgeon in need of some R&R, and a vampire settling into married life.

Expecting to Die, by Lisa Jackson
This is the latest book in Jackson’s Montana ‘To Die’ series, which is perfect for romance readers who want a little more thrill—and who want the ladies, specifically, to deliver that thrill. Detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez have a serial killer to investigate, and the timing isn’t exactly ideal. Regan is ready to start her maternity leave, and babies and serial killers don’t exactly mix well. (Regan, we’ll come over and babysit when you need a nap!) If this all wasn’t bad enough, there’s also a reality television show in town, and let’s just say it’s NOT The Bachelor. Hang in there, Regan and Selena! If anyone can solve this mystery, it’s the two of you! (Available in paperback, NOOK, and audiobook on February 28.)

What We Find, by Robyn Carr
This is the first book in Carr’s Sullivan’s Crossing series. Fans know that Carr brings us series in which the setting is just as significant as the characters that populate it (from her Grace Valley series set in California, to her Thunder Point series set in a coastal Oregon hamlet). This series debut features Maggie Sullivan, who works in neurosurgery, and Cal Jones, a hunky outdoorsy guy. Maggie is eager to escape the troubles brought on by a malpractice lawsuit, so she heads to Sullivan’s Crossing, a Colorado hotspot for nature lovers. There she reconnects with her father, and when he becomes sick, Cal offers a helping hand. Together, these two troubled individuals forge a strong connection. (Available in paperback on February 28.)

Into the Fire, by Jeaniene Frost
This is the fourth and final book in Frost’s Night Prince series. Vampire Vlad Tepesh and his mortal sweetheart, Leila, have come a long way. Vlad is still getting used to this whole married life thing (centuries of bachelor living will have that effect) but now he is pretty gung-ho about making his happily ever after with Leila. They’ve got some business to take care of, though. Leila’s been linked to the necromancer Mircea, which means that if he dies, she dies, which kind of puts a damper on that whole happily-married thing. This prompts Vlad and Leila to start finding ways to break this awful spell. Here’s hoping they break this awful spell soon—and that they can move on to more normal activities, like farmers markets and Netflix nights. (Available in hardcover, paperback, NOOK, and audiobook on February 28.)

A Million Little Things, by Susan Mallery
Zoe Saldivar needs to meet some new people, pronto. She just broke up with her long-term boyfriend, and her best friend, Jen, is understandably preoccupied with baby-related matters, so no late-night margarita outings for the foreseeable future. (Zoe, just to be clear, YOU can still imbibe.) Things pick up, though, when Zoe befriends Jen’s widowed mom and falls in love with Jen’s brother. Oh, and Zoe’s dad falls for Jen’s mom, so you know there are plenty of double-date opportunities on the horizon. Gotta love it when family and friends get along! This is the third book in Mallery’s very endearing Mischief Bay series. (Available in NOOK and audiobook on February 28.)

Alaska Home, by Debbie Macomber
This tome features three reprinted novels in one! Welcome to Hard Luck, Alaska, where the population is small and mostly comprised of men. That’s about to change, though, thanks to the O’Halloran brothers, who are determined to make Hard Luck a destination for the single ladies. In “Falling for Him,” Christian O’Halloran already has one lady in mind—the company secretary who isn’t exactly the most organized person in town. In “Ending in Marriage,” pilot Duke Porter and attorney Tracy Santiago love to engage in all kinds of witty banter. (Get a room, you two!) And in “Midnight Sons and Daughters,” former sweethearts Scott O’Halloran and Chrissie Harris are reunited after many years apart. Can they rekindle that old loving feeling? (Sure hope so! Alaska seems like a miserable place in which to spend winter nights alone.) (Available in paperback.)

Love Tango, by J.M. Jeffries
Finally! A dance-related romance! Roxanne Deveraux is a former child star, and while life away from the cameras is quite fabulous, she decides to participate in the reality television show Celebrity Dance. She’s paired up with Nicholas Torres, who is the hottest of hoofers. He soon realizes that he wants to get to know her off of the dance floor and, well, get her off of her feet. Then crazy family drama threatens to destroy this budding romance. Stay strong, Roxanne! If you could survive Hollywood drama at a young age and emerge an awesome woman, the world is your oyster! This is the first book in Jeffries’ California Passions series. (Available in paperback.)  

What romances are helping you welcome spring?

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