Romance Roundup: Dragon Shifters, Undercover SEALs, and Small-Town Innkeepers

This week’s Romance Roundup includes two women who find themselves torn between two men, a very special, supernatural lady who gets protection from a dragon shifter, and an innkeeper who falls for the new, mysterious stranger in town. 

Laughter in the Rain, by Debbie Macomber
Two reprinted stories in one! “Laughter in the Rain” gives us Abby Carpenter, a romantic-minded lady who is dating the somewhat bland Logan Fletcher. She doesn’t NOT like him, but he doesn’t exactly inspire passion in her. (Oh, Abby, surely underneath Logan’s difficult exterior lies a beautiful, soulful heart covered by six-pack abs!) Then Abby meets Tate Harding, who gives her some major butterflies. Logan sees this unwelcome activity and immediately gets all “STEP AWAY FROM MY WOMAN!” Logan will need to step up his game big time and prove to Abby that she will never be bored with him. In Lee Tobin McClain’s “Engaged to the Single Mom,” the first book in the author’s Rescue River series, a woman decides to fulfill two of her son’s biggest wishes—and is flummoxed on what to do when he says he wants a father. The answer might lie in the very capable hands of Troy Hinton. (Available in paperback on July 30.) 

The Rogue King, by Abigail Owen
The whole supernatural world and their mother is hunting down Kasia Amon. She has some special abilities that make her even extra appetizing to dragon shifters. One dragon shifter on her tail is Brand Astarot. He’s a bit of an outcast, and delivering Kasia to the Blood King would win him some major kudos—and perhaps even get him some highly-desirable revenge. (Um, Brand? What would it take for you to hunt all of US down? Some of us are really good at making…um…I dunno…banana bread? Daiquiris? Oh, breakfast in bed! Yes, that’s it! Breakfast in bed!) Then Kasia starts to make Brand feel feelings, which puts a damper on that whole revenge scheme thingie. Will Brand manage to win his lady love AND claim what’s his? (This is quite possible!) Can Kasia forgive Brand for wanting to turn her over to a bloodthirsty supernatural overlord? (Might be tough.) And when it’s all over, will Kasia and Brand start a new life together that will involve having lots of cute, little, dragon-shifting babies? (OMG how adorable would that be?!?!) This is the first book in Owen’s Inferno Rising series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on July 30.)

A SEAL Never Quits, by Holly Castillo
Lieutenant Amador “Stryker” Salas and his fellow SEALs are going undercover—on a Texas ranch! (Stryker, we have several questions. Will you and all of your hunky friends be shirtless while working outside for hours at a time? Will you all occasionally pour water on your heads to stay cool, water that will pour over your glistening, muscle-hardened bodies? And may we rub sunscreen all over each and every one of you?) Veterinarian Anya Gutierrez is also working on the ranch, and it doesn’t take long for our gal to realize that she wants to do the whole breeding thing with Stryker. She soon gets caught up in his mission, which puts Stryker into extra-protective mode. He’ll need to think quick and act fast and flex his muscles extra hard if he’s going to complete his mission AND keep Anya safe AND figure out a way for them to be together. (Stryker, we’ve seen your body—and we believe in you!) This is the first book in Castillo’s Texas Navy SEALs series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on July 30.) 

The Conspiracy, by Kat Martin
Harper Winston is on a mission to find her missing brother. He recently disappeared while sailing the Caribbean and the Coast Guard has been unable to locate him. She ends up going to Chase Garrett, her brother’s former best friend and now the owner of Maximum Security. Chase has feelings for Harper, but he’s very reluctant to get involved again with her family. (Sadly, much of the Winston clan is involved in some very shady dealings that would make the proverbial mafia blush.) Chase ends up helping Harper anyway, because The Feelings, and he’s going to work very hard to keep her safe. Good for you, Chase! When the drama is all over—and, we hope, her brother is found safe and sound and not involved in anything bad—you and your special woman should consider living in a peaceful land that’s far, far away from the in-laws! This is the first book in Martin’s Maximum Security series. (Available in paperback on July 30.) 

Lost and Found Sisters, by Jill Shalvis
This reprint features Chef Quinn Weller, who is finally recovering from her sister’s death. Indeed, things in general are looking great. She’s got a job at one of Los Angeles’ best restaurants, a hunky boyfriend who wants to marry her, and a fabulous family. Then she learns that she has inherited something extremely valuable, but it comes with some very shocking family revelations. She decides to pack her bags and move to a small coastal town, which brings WAY more peace and satisfaction than she ever would have expected. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that a very handsome resident is mega into her. (Two hot guys vying for your hand, Quinn? What a lovely problem to have!) Will this city lady leave it all behind for a new chapter of her life? (Available in paperback on July 30.) 

The One Who Stays, by Toni Blake
Meg Sloan is perfectly happy on Summer Island. She runs the Summerbrook Inn, which used to belong to her granny, and she enjoys many close relationships within her community. (Sounds idyllic, Meg! May we all come for a visit and stay at your inn and post only the best photos of said inn on our Instagram accounts?) One area where things are not exactly all hunky-dory for Meg is her relationship with Zack Sheppard. The trouble with Zack is that he doesn’t want to be exclusive with Meg because he is a doofus who doesn’t appreciate a good woman and DIE, ZACK, DIE!!! Anyhoo, things get shaken up when Seth Darden shows up on Summer Island. He’s on a mission to dig into some deeply-buried family secrets. That said, he is pretty much instantly smitten when he meets Meg and realizes he wants her in his life on a permanent basis. (Seth, buddy, we’ll make every effort to keep Zack out of your way while you woo our gal!) Here’s hoping that Meg gets over Zack—like, forever—and opens her heart entirely to Seth! This is the first book in Blake’s Summer Island series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on July 30.)

What romance novels are you swooning over this week?

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