Romance Roundup: Dukes, Models, and Photographers

This week’s Romance Roundup includes executive couples, a disgraced model trying to make a comeback, and a blogger with a mission.

Twelve Days of Christmas, by Debbie Macomber
Julia Padden is on a mission to make grouchy (and hunky) neighbor, Cain Maddox, feel the Christmas spirit. She even bakes him Christmas treats. (Cain, I’ll take those off of your hands!) Cain is going to be quite the challenge, though, so Julia decides to write about her efforts on a blog she starts called “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” because writing is a cathartic way to relieve stress. Slowly but surely, Julia and Cain start getting on friendlier terms—and the blog starts to go viral. Then things start taking a turn for the romantic, leaving Julia to decide whether it might be time to come clean. Can Cain handle the fact that everyone kind of knows who he is, and that Julia was the one to reveal his not-so-pretty side? (Available in hardcover, paperback, NOOK, and audiobook on October 4.)

A Most Extraordinary Pursuit, by Juliana Gray
Personal secretary Emmeline Rose Truelove is feeling a bit down in the dumps. Her employer, the Duke of Olympia, has just croaked. She soon finds herself on a Mediterranean quest to find the late duke’s heir, who has gone missing. She is accompanied by her designated protector, the very dangerously dashing Lord Silverton. This means that Emmeline and Lord Silverton must be together in very close quarters for long periods of time, which isn’t exactly thrilling for Emmeline (but totally is) because she is a prim and proper lady. But Lord Silverton is just so….yeah, he’s irresistible. (Emmeline, it’s time to un-pin your hair and let him kiss your un-gloved hand!) Here’s hoping she and Silverton locate this missing person, and that they get to enjoy some more pleasurable Mediterranean pursuits. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 4.)

The Exposure, by Tara Sue Me
Former model Meagan Bishop once had a steaming affair with Luke, a lusty photographer who broke her heart and kind of had something to do with the demise of her modeling career. (Surely there is, at the very least, a halfway-decent explanation.) Their paths reconnect when Luke needs a model for a BDSM-themed photo shoot – and Meagan needs money to silence an extortionist. (Timing is everything in a relationship!) Feelings start to blossom again between them, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they both are still looking quite good after their separation. Here’s hoping that Meagan manages to dodge that pesky extortionist, that said extortionist gets some jail time, and that she and Luke move on to more long-term matters. This is the ninth book in Me’s Submissive series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 4.)

Sweetest Taboo, by J. Kenner
The love saga of Jane and billionaire Dallas Sykes continues in the third book in Kenner’s Dirtiest series. Jane and Dallas grew up together until they were separated, and now that they are united again as adults, they’ve got to work on their respective issues. (They were kidnapped together when they were teenagers and went through some pretty dark stuff, so yeah, there’s that.) It looks like they are finally ready to move forward, but, of course, things aren’t always so easy. Hang in there, you two. You’ve already been through Hades and back. Surely there’s enough fight left in these two to move on to a very loving and, ahem, bountiful life together. (Available in paperback, NOOK, and audiobook on October 4.)

A Sultry Love Song, by Kianna Alexander
Joi Lewis is about to seal a deal with a major international bank. (Yes, she is awesome and rocks the proverbial and literal power suit.) She’s getting super close to her goal when she learns that Marco Alvarez is part of the plan. Marco doesn’t exactly have the best impression of Joi, ever since she left his friend at the altar back in the day. (Dude, she was clearly following her well-honed instincts!) But then they get to know each other again (romantic jazz music might be involved), and he soon realizes she’s not the flaky person he thought she was. This book is part of Alexander’s Gentlemen of Queen City series, which is perfect for romance readers who can’t get enough of gutsy, high-powered executive heroines. (Available in paperback on October 18.)

Hero in the Highlands, by Suzanne Enoch
Major Gabriel Forrester is not thrilled to learn that he’s just inherited a title and estate in the Scottish Highlands. The last thing he wants to do is turn into some flabby noble. (Glad to hear it, Gabriel. We all love your abs.) Still, the tough English hunk has to take it, so he goes to visit his new property and meets sultry Scottish beauty Fiona Blackstock. She does NOT believe that Gabriel is entitled to what is clearly her own family’s land. Here’s hoping they can get over their respective issues soon—and that Gabriel embraces the kilt look every once in a while, for our sake and Fiona’s. This is the first book in Enoch’s No Ordinary Hero series. (Available in paperback, NOOK, and audiobook on October 4.)

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