Romance Roundup: Male Strippers, Healers, and Highlanders

This week’s Romance Roundup includes two veterans trying to find peace and love, a bride-stealing Highlander, and a former male stripper trying to keep his past on the down low.

Wind River Cowboy, by Lindsay McKenna
Kira Duval and Garret Fleming have an intense history together: They are both veterans from Afghanistan, and they’ve seen some pretty dark stuff in their time. They lost track of each other after a major ambush, but they are reunited by chance at the Bar C cattle ranch in Wyoming, where other veterans are trying to get some well-deserved R&R and TLC. Kira gets a job caring for the ranch owner’s aging father, which is no easy task, and this brings her and Garret into close—and very welcome—proximity. They’ve each got some major issues to work out together, but with a bond as strong as theirs, anything is possible. Two amazing people who have been through a lot together AND look good both in and out of uniform? Yes, please! This is the third book in McKenna’s Wind River Valley series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 28.)

You May Kiss the Bride, by Lisa Berne
The first book in Berne’s Penhallow Dynasty series gives us Gabriel Penhallow. He’s rich and arrogant, and he possesses an exceedingly muscular frame and a face carved by angels. Gabriel needs to find a wife who will help him carry on the family name. He decides that Livia Stuart will do the job just fine. Gabriel soon realizes that he is getting far more than he thought he wanted with his new special lady friend. (Emotions, Gabriel. They’re called emotions.) As for Livia, she’s not thrilled about giving up her independence, but Gabriel is just SO freakin’ hot. Can they each let go of their respective hang-ups and build a life together that involves continuing family traditions AND making excellent use of all of those spare estate rooms? (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 28.)

A Pleasing Temptation, by Deborah Fletcher Mello
Kamaya Boudreaux is a top-notch businesswoman, and one of her ventures is a male strip club. (Thank you, Kamaya. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!) That said, she doesn’t exactly want to shout out to the world that she’s involved in said male strip club. She gets some help from the club’s owner, the very sexy Wesley Walters. Wesley has a delicious secret, though: He used to be the club’s most popular performer. Oh, and audience members are quite vocal about their desire for Wesley to make a stage comeback. (Sounds like a noble and worthy cause that will benefit many, many people!) Here’s hoping that everything is resolved for the better—and that Wesley will show off his more special moves just for Kamaya for years to come! This is the latest book in Mello’s heart-racing Boudreaux Family series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

Highland Duke, by Amy Jarecki
Akira Ayres is a mega-talented healer, and her newest patient is hunky Highlander Geordie. He might be a huge, tough-looking guy who is manfully trying to deal with the bullet in his thigh, but he’s actually quite capable of loving another person. (Akira certainly wouldn’t mind holding him very, very closely and making it all better.) Now, Geordie has a teeny, tiny, little secret, and it’s the only teeny, tiny, little thing about him, really: He’s actually the Duke of Gordon, but he’s trying to keep that on the down low for now. There are Redcoats on his trail, and if he reveals his true identity, both he and Akira may not survive the consequences. Can they outlast all of this danger and build a life together on his Highland estate? This is the first book in Jarecki’s Lords of the Highlands series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 28.)

Highland Barbarian, by Hannah Howell
This reprint is part of Howell’s Murrays series, and it features a sexy Highlander who steals a bride, so it’s a win-win read! Artan Murray is on a mission to steal Cecily Donaldson away before she marries an awful lord. (Her goal was to save her clan, so she had some pretty noble intentions.) She is definitely NOT thrilled that Artan stole her away, even if he has a body that would be admired by women of past, present, and future. (That’s right, Cecily! Keep it feisty!) Artan and Cecily will have to spend some time together now that he’s stolen her away and all, and they soon become quite attached to each other. They’ve got a lot to do now—including, like, saving her clan—so let the Highland romping begin, and may it go on for a long, long time! (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 28.)

His Alone, by Alexa Riley
Paige Turner has a few revenge-related plans, but she keeps getting distracted by her very sexy and oh-so-charming boss, Ryan Justice. (This is absolutely understandable, as Ryan would make even the most mundane PowerPoint presentation look like every sexy music video you’ve ever seen.) They’ve both got some pretty dark secrets, and they are terrified of the other learning the truth, but what’s a dark past when the present attraction is so strong? When Paige’s past starts to bubble up, threatening to explode, Ryan wants to make sure he is the one to make things right. True, he doesn’t exactly want her knowing just how dark he can get in order to protect her, but he’s not about to risk leaving his woman vulnerable. That’s right, buddy! Show our gal just how much she means to you! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 28.)

What romances are you reading this week?

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