Romance Roundup: Musclebound Marines, Gorgeous Surf Instructors, and a Dreamy Lead Guitarist

Shield of WinterThis week’s roundup features a trip to paradise, a suspicious strip club owner, and a shy wallflower who nabs a hot rockstar (naturally).

Shield of Winter, by Nalini Singh
If you’re a fan of Singh’s bracing paranormal contemporary Psy-Changeling series, you’re probably already aware that the 13th book in the series, Shield of Winter, is out today! It focuses on the sexy, stolid assassin-soldier (or “Arrow”) Vasic, who is assigned to protect one of the last empaths, Ivy Jane, as she struggles to prevent the spread of a virulent and terrifying infection. If you’re a paranormal romance buff but haven’t yet checked out Singh, you are in for a smart, well-written series filled with delicious characters and edge-of-your-seat action. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on June 3)

Nauti Enchantress, by Lora Leigh
In the second book in the fiery Nauti Girls series (a spinoff of the popular Nauti Boys books), the four Mackay girls are all grown up and on the prowl—especially Lyrica, who would do anything to get the attention of sexy Marine Graham Brock. Little does she know he’s already quite aware of her presence, just a little concerned that the rambunctious, hot-to-trot younger half-sister of his best friend Dawg might be a tad dangerous for him to become involved with. (I, personally, would avoid dating the little sister of anyone named Dawg. Even if I were a Marine.) Not only that, but as Graham and Lyrica grow closer, he discovers that she has a secret so explosive it threatens to tear the Mackay family apart. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 3)

Heated, by J. Kenner
Wrinkled shirt got you down? Just run a copy of Heated over it—that’s right, it’s that steamy. (That was the one and only household tip you will ever find in a romance roundup.) This crackling crime drama follows Sloane O’Dell, a hard-bitten off-duty cop whose inquiries into a woman’s disappearance lead her to a strip club run by the notorious Tyler Sharp. Sloane knows that Tyler is trouble, and Tyler knows that Sloane is a woman he just has to have. And you, dear reader, know that this is when things get good. A fast-paced story with plenty of action on both sides of the sheets, the second book in Kenner’s Most Wanted series is sure to pull you in for a fun ride. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 3)

There’s Wild, Then There’s You, by M. Leighton
Violet Wilson is shy, timid, and clumsy—and yet, like many of us, she also finds sexy rock stars to be well nigh irresistible—especially one Jet Blevins, a lead guitarist who’s used to girls falling all over him and is intrigued by Violet’s reticence. The two could not be more different—she’s is a quiet introvert, and he’s a wicked party animal who relishes his wild lifestyle and has no desire to settle down. But somehow Jet is drawn to perennial wallflower Violet, who has her own problems, and is definitely not interested in a rebel like him. Against all odds, do these two likable, complex, and very different characters have a chance at lasting love? (Does Jimmy Page know how to lay down some sweet guitar licks?!) (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 3)

Paradise Rules, by Beth Kery
When famous blues singer Lana Rodriguez returns home for a visit to beautiful Honolulu, it’s with great reluctance—and the hope she isn’t recognized by anyone. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, handsome champion surfer Jason Koa is a big fan—and he wants more from Lana than just her autograph. Lana holds Jason at arm’s length for as long as she can, but he’s determined to break through her icy demeanor (in a number of hot ways). But is she willing to play by his rules? And what happens when the two are embroiled in a very public scandal? This immersive read by erotic virtuoso Kery will have you feeling the sand between your toes, the sun on your back, and the hot surf instructor beneath—but I’ve already said too much. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 3)

Fall From India Place, by Samantha Young
Marco D’Alessandro broke Hannah Nichols’ heart five years ago, and she thought she’d seen the last of him (and good riddance, right?). But he’s still the only man she ever loved, and Marco never really got over her either, so when their paths cross again, he does his best to win her back—that is, until Hannah discovers a secret that could drive them apart just as their happily ever after is ready to begin. This is the 4th book in Young’s On Dublin Street series, which is filled with colorful characters (and studmuffin book boyfriends!). Jump in on this one or begin with the hugely popular On Dublin Street, the book that started it all!

What spring romance has your heart all a flutter?

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