Romance Roundup: Private Investigators, English Professors, and College Love Affairs

This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who looks into her mother’s disappearance, a newly-single college professor who’s about to have a summer fling, and a straight-laced college student who falls for a very naughty—and sexy—kind of guy.

Liar, Liar, by Lisa Jackson
Our gal Remmi had an unconventional upbringing, to say the least. She was raised by her mom, who worked as a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas and disappeared when Remmi was only 15. Even crazier, Remmi’s twin half-siblings also disappeared around the same time. (Remmi, we’re going to have to sit down with a glass of wine and take notes while you give us all this backstory!) Fast forward 20 years and a mysterious death prompts the adult Remmi to look into her mom’s disappearance. In order to do this, she turns to Noah Scott, her high school boyfriend who now runs his own private investigative firm. (Noah also has grown into the kind of body that would make any woman want to do some, ahem, private investigating.) Their findings yield some pretty shady stuff about Remmi’s family. Here’s hoping that Remmi solves her family’s mystery sooner rather than later, and that she and Noah build a loving, stable life together! (Available in paperback on May 28.)

Spitfire in Love, by Isabelle Ronin
College students Kara Hawthorne and Cameron St. Laurent may have just met their match in each other. Kara is a hardworking, straight-laced kind of young woman whose younger brother just wrecked Cameron’s motorcycle. This means that Kara, unfortunately, might have to do some groveling. (Cameron, you behave now and don’t be too hard on Kara!) Kara and Cameron soon get to know each other very well, even though Cameron is determined to keep his sob story of a past secret. (Cameron, buddy, now that you’re in college, this might be a good time to open up and explore your feelings. Bare your soul to Kara! And your abs!) Will Cameron let Kara know how he really feels about her? Can Kara cut loose a little bit and have some fun? Does at least one of them have a single dorm room that will guarantee maximum privacy and a resident advisor who will look the other way during No Visitor Hours? Oh, that the answer be “Hell, yes!” to all of these questions! (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 28.)

As You Wish, by Jude Deveraux
Elise, Kathy, and Olivia need to get away from it all, so they each head to Summer Hill, Virginia. Each lady has experienced some major love-related drama. Elise’s husband, for one, just impregnated his mistress. The good thing is that Elise is finally ready to stop living life according to other people’s wishes. (Elise, we’ll all help you plan the most FABULOUS of vacations!) As for Kathy, she also finds out that her husband is a lying, cheating scumbag who should be forced to walk across hot coals on his knees. Olivia, on the other hand, has finally just married her one true love. (She is 60 years young, so it’s definitely A Big Deal.) Gotta love it when three ladies get some well-deserved R&R while also getting much-needed friend time! Will Elise and Kathy also find true love to boot? This is the third book in Deveraux’s Summerhouse series. (Available in paperback on May 28.)

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory
Alexa Monroe was riding an elevator and completely minding her own business when said elevator got stuck and she found herself stuck in the elevator with Drew Nichols, a hunky hunk of a man if there ever was one. (#bestelevatorrideever) The two of them start chatting, and they soon realize they have some pretty major chemistry. Trouble is, they live in different cities and have demanding careers. Drew is a pediatric surgeon and Alexa is the chief of staff for her city’s mayor. They’re not totally sure they’ll be able to swing a relationship. That said, Alexa is willing to be Drew’s fake girlfriend for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. They’re not really thinking about life beyond this wedding, but they soon realize that they’d like to get to know each other better in all kinds of ways. Oh, make it work, you two, for yourselves and for humanity! Your combined brains and beauty and drive will certainly change the world—and produce exceptionally smart and gorgeous children! (Available in paperback on May 28.)

The Ultimatum, by Karen Robards
Bianca St. Ives is really, really good at her job. She cons con men out of money they stole, kind of like a modern-day Robin Hood, except she’s a badass lady with nicer hair. (Bianca, we all worship at your feet!) Sadly, her latest mission has gone horribly wrong, and it involves millions of missing dollars and the U.S. government, which, let’s be honest, is not an ideal combination. If that wasn’t bad enough, Bianca’s father was killed in the kerfuffle and the government is now trailing her every move. Will Bianca survive this disaster and clear her name? Is there the slightest possibility that she’ll get a helping hand from a hunky hunk? How exactly does one get her toned arms? Grab your reading blanket and/or reading socks and beverage of choice, because this thriller is clearly going to be quite the nail-biter! This reprint is the first book in Robards’ Guardian series. (Available in paperback on May 28.)

Smitten by the Brit, by Melonie Johnson
Up until recently, things were going quite well for English professor Bonnie Blythe. Not only does she have an enviable career teaching literature, but her boyfriend also proposed. Something Bad happened, though, which prompts our gal to break off her engagement. (Good for you, Bonnie! Better to identify trouble before you say “I do!”) She soon meets Theo Wharton, a very sexy British man who pretty much embodies all of our British man fantasies. (Oh, may he have the dashing looks and work ethic of Captain Wentworth in Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” combined with the INSERT YOUR BRITISH MALE FANTASY AND HIS WINNING TRAIT HERE.) Bonnie thinks this will be nothing more than a fun summer fling, but she soon realizes that she and Theo just might have a chance at that whole long-term relationship thing. (Girl, you didn’t get that PhD for nothing!) This is the second book in Johnson’s Sometimes in Love series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 28.)

What romance novels are you looking forward to this week?

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