Adrian Tchaikovsky Returns with Made Things, a Clever Fantasy About Making New Friends—Literally

Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky is best known in the U.S. for Children of Time, an expansive sci-fi saga that completely delivers on a most unusual premise: what would happen if humanity attempted to colonize a planet already occupied by uplifted, super-intelligent and rapidly evolving spiders? Tchaikovsky brings the plausibility of real biological science to his first contact tale, and it serves him very well.

The author is just as adept in fantasy, from his 10-book epic Shadows of the Apt (which also has a bug theme), to the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired novella Spiderlight (which… also has a bug theme), to his more recent Bronze Age trilogy Echoes of the Fall.

He’s an author who loves to surprise us (recurring arachnids notwithstanding), so we’re certainly looking forward to the book we’re here to tell you about today, and which certainly sounds like nothing else he’s ever written.

Made Things, arriving in November from Publishing, is the story of a clever thief with some very unusual friends… You can read more about it in the official summary below, and then scroll down to see the intriguing cover art, featuring the work of Red Nose Studio (art) and Christine Foltzer (design).

She was good at making friends.

Coppelia is a street thief, a trickster, a low-level con artist. But she has something other thieves don’t… tiny puppet-like friends: some made of wood, some of metal. They don’t entirely trust her, and she doesn’t entirely understand them, but their partnership mostly works.

After a surprising discovery shakes their world to the core, Coppelia and her friends must reexamine everything they thought they knew about their world, while attempting to save their city from a seemingly impossible new threat.

Preorder Made Things, available November 5, 2019.

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