Exclusive Announcement: Angry Robot to Publish Jen Williams Bestselling The Copper Promise in the U.S.

copper1There’s nothing quite so frustrating as hearing about a great book, and then learning that, due to the vagaries of international contracts, it isn’t being sold in your country. Well, if you live in the U.S., you have one less unobtainable title to worry about: Angry Robot has acquired North American rights for The Copper Promise, a bestselling, critically acclaimed epic fantasy by Jen Williams, first published in the U.K. in 2014. The deal also includes the sequel, The Iron Ghost, and an option for a third novel.

“We are delighted to take Jen Williams’ smart, funny, swashbuckling books books across the shore,” said Phil Jourdan, Angry Robot’s acquiring editor. “It’s time American fantasy readers knew what they’d been missing.”

Here is the synopsis for The Copper Promise, which will be published in the U.S. and Canada in July 2016.

There are some tall stories about the caverns beneath the Citadel—about magic and mages and monsters and gods.

Wydrin of Crosshaven has heard them all, but she’s spent long enough trawling caverns and taverns with her companion Sir Sebastian to learn that there’s no money to be made in chasing rumours.

But then a crippled nobleman with a dead man’s name offers them a job: exploring the Citadel’s darkest depths. It sounds like just another quest with gold and adventure…if they’re lucky, they might even have a tale of their own to tell once it’s over.

These reckless adventurers will soon learn that sometimes there is truth in rumour. Sometimes a story can save your life.

 “I am thrilled and excited that Angry Robot will be publishing The Copper Promise and The Iron Ghost in the U.S.,” Williams said. “It’s a whole new world for my characters to explore, and I can’t wait for this new part of their journey. Of course, when it was revealed to me that as part of my contract I would have to travel into the past to prevent the human rebellion against the inevitable robot uprising, I was a little taken aback—I didn’t have anything appropriate to wear and I tend to get travel sick—but all in all I am in favor of our robotic future. It’s very tidy, very shiny, and the wi-fi is excellent. Of course, our Awesome Metallic Overlords mostly regard humans as especially squishy portable batteries, but the main thing is, I get to spread the word of Sword and Sorcery. It’s all good.”

For more from Jen Williams, check out this guest essay she’s written for us about how she has reimagined the sword and sorcery genre for a modern audience.

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