The Barnes & Noble Edition of Star Wars: Thrawn Has an Exclusive Cover & Poster

Where would Star Wars be without Grand Admiral Thrawn? Without the enigmatic, red-eyed, blue-skinned military commander to serve as the New Republic’s formidable foe, would Timothy Zahn’s trilogy—named for the character—have so effectively jump-started the Star Wars Expanded Universe 25 years ago?

Without the EU, would George Lucas ever have realized there was still an appetite for his franchise, and gone on to direct the prequels, which begat The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and so many movies to come?

Yes, we owe a lot to the calculating tactical genius, which is why it’s hardly surprising that he became one of the few non-film characters to make the leap from the now-defunct original EU and into the new canon when he appeared on Star Wars Rebels last year. In April, he’s also returning to the medium that birthed him in Thrawn, a new, canonical novel penned by Timothy Zahn himself.

We’re still not sure what the book will be about, and how Thrawn’s story differs in the current iteration of the galaxy far, far away. In fact, the only thing we can tell you for sure is that Barnes & Noble is the only place to buy the book with an exclusive cover and double-sided poster…both which you can see below!

 Note the opposite side of the poster will include an updated version of the new continuity Star Wars timeline.

Preorder the B&N exclusive edition of Thrawn, available April 11.

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