Cover Reveal: The Rig, by Roger Levy

British science fiction writer Roger Levy (Reckless Sleep, Dark Heavens) returns in 2018 with his first novel since 2006’s ambitious space opera Icarus. Coming next May from Titan Books, The Rig sounds like just the kind of high-concept, complex novel of ideas we’d expect from an author whose earlier work has earned comparisons to Philip K. Dick.

At this point, we don’t have a lot to go on, aside from a blurb that promises intergalactic intrigue—and an eye-catching cover from designer Julia Lloyd, which we’re pleased to show you today. You can see the full image below the official summary.

Humanity has spread across the depths of space but is connected by AfterLife—a vote made by every member of humanity on the worth of a life. Bale, a disillusioned policeman on the planet Bleak, is brutally attacked, leading writer Raisa on to a story spanning centuries of corruption. On Gehenna, the last religious planet, a hyperintelligent boy, Alef, meets psychopath Pellon Hoq, and so begins a rivalry and friendship to last an epoch.

Preorder The Rig, available May 8, 2018.

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