Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Dead Stars by Adam Christopher

deadstarsI’m not ashamed to admit that I regularly read books because of their covers. Some might call it shallow, but, well, that’s what they are there for, right? To scream at you from the shelves, “THIS IS A BOOK YOU NEED TO READ.”

Well, call this one an odd case: the cover of Adam Christopher’s The Dead Stars, the final book in the Spider Wars series, is so good, I’m going back to read the two novels that come before it, The Burning Dark and The Machine Awakes (no slouching covers there, either, but I’m a sucker for a good alien spaceship).

You can get a look at the full cover after the official blurb. Tor isn’t releasing it until April 2016, so fans have to hold out for a year to see how it all ends, but a cover like this is worth the wait.

With humanity in danger from an intergalactic mechanical race of Spiders, one crew sets out to discover a planet said not to exist—but they don’t expect the horrifying secret hidden in the dark of space….

They are the Wraiths: the biggest, most heavily armored starships in the Fleet. They are also the most secret, floating still and silent, deep in interstellar space, listening to the Spider’s psychic
communications network, plotting the data in an attempt to locate the home world of the machine gestalt: Warworld Prime, a planet that has never been discovered.

A planet some say doesn’t even exist.

When the test flight of the U-Star Manhattan-the first of a new class of starship with an experimental engine-goes wrong, the seven-person crew find themselves shipwrecked, trapped in the interstitial
nothingness that separates our universe from the next. But as the crew start to disappear one by one and the true purpose of their secret mission is uncovered, the survivors make a startling discovery about the eternal void they are lost in forever.

Dead Stars 1

Art and design by Will Staehle

See what I mean?

The Dead Stars won’t be out until April 2016, which gives you plenty of time to catch up on The Burning Dark and The Machine Awakes.

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