Exclusive Cover Reveal: Transgalactic by James Gunn


James Gunn is a living legend of science Fiction, with a career stretching back to the 1950s and having earned the status of Grand Master from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. This year, he was named to the EMP Museum’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Even more impressive, at 91, he’s still writing.

In 2013, Tor Books released his 20th novel, Transcendental, the story of a veteran of an interstellar war who is a passenger on a deep space voyage. While his fellow travelers are searching for transcendence, he is on a secret mission to assassinate the head of the strange religious order that has convinced so many to abandon their lives in pursuit of enlightenment.

Kirkus called the book “impeccably plotted” and “absorbing,” and next year, we’re getting a sequel! Tor gave us the chance to show off the full cover of Transgalactic, coming in March 2016, with art from Thom Tenery. It’s a mysterious, evocative image, and one that might cause a small twinge of nostalgia for any other brave souls out there who powered through all five seasons of Alias. Check it out following the publisher’s blurb.

When Riley and Asha finally reached the planet Terminal and found the Transcendental Machine, a matter transmission device built by an ancient race, they chose to be “translated.” Now in possession of intellectual and physical powers that set them above human limitations, the machine has transported them to two, separate, unknown planets among a possibility of billions.

Riley and Asha know that together they can change the galaxy, so they attempt to do the impossible—find each other.

Transgalactic Cover_hi rez

JAMES GUNN is the Hugo Award-winning author of The Joy Makers, The Immortals, and The Listeners, and the coauthor, with Jack Williamson, of the classic epic SF novel Star Bridge.

He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he is professor emeritus of English at the University of Kansas. He is the founding director of KU’s Center for the Study of Science Fiction, and one of the last living Grand Master Award winners from the Golden Age of science fiction.

Pre-order Transgalactic, available March 22, 2016.

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