Humanity’s First Contact with Aliens Might Be Its Last in Gate Crashers, by Patrick S. Tomlinson

Last month, Patrick S. Tomlinson marked a right of passage important in the life of any science fiction or fantasy author: the completion of his first trilogy. But while The Children of a Dead Earth (The Ark, Trident’s Forge, Children of the Divide) may have found their ending, Tomlinson isn’t going to rest—he already has a new book in the works, and it’s coming next year from Tor Books.

Gate Crashers is a story of space exploration and humanity’s first contact with aliens, plus a healthy dose of irreverent humor. It’s coming in June 2018, and today, we’re showing off the cover art, which reminds us (in the best way) of another fun, funny, heartfelt space opera series we love. Do you agree? Check out the full cover after the official summary.

On humanity’s first extra-solar mission, the exploration vessel Magellan discovers an alien construction. Deciding that finding advanced alien life is too important to ignore, the ship’s captain chooses to return to Earth while reverse engineering technology far beyond anything back home.

Meanwhile, at mission control, the governments struggle to maintain the existence of aliens a secret while also combating bureaucracy, the military industrial complex, and everyone else who wants a piece of the science that could sky-rocket a species into a new technological golden age.

Little does everyone involved know that the bumbling of a few highly-evolved apes in space hasn’t gone unnoticed, and humanity has put itself on a collision course with a far wider, and potentially hostile, galaxy.

Because, in space, no one can see you screw up…

Gate Crashers will be published June 18, 2018.

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