Introducing the 12 Days of Robot Christmas

12daysAs we all know, by the year 2801, Christmas as we know it will cease to exist, due to an unfortunate genocide resulting from the overzealous programming of a certain robotic Santa. All the more reason to celebrate the season while the A.I.s are still on our side—which is why we’ve teamed up with sci-fi/fantasy publisher Angry Robot to bring you “The 12 Days of Robot Christmas,” happening right here throughout the month of December. (Despite the name, Robot Christmas is a holiday that can be celebrated by those of any creed or lack thereof—robots are very open-minded, aside from that whole longterm goal of overthrowing their human oppressors.)

Each weekday between December 3 (that’s tomorrow) and December 18, we’ll be featuring a new piece of flash fiction from an Angry Robot author—12 new short stories from 12 different authors. Even better, across the same time period, you’ll have the chance to pick up ebook versions of titles by each of the contributing authors for just $2.99 (sale effective December 3 through December 18 only), which means you won’t have to feel guilty about gifting one or two (or 12) to yourself. Even even better, if you follow us on Twitter, you’ll have 12 opportunities to enter for the chance to win each of the books featured, or even a Robot Holiday Survival Kit that will include copies of all 12!

Below, you’ll find the full slate of authors who will be stopping by the blog and when. Check back tomorrow for our first piece of original short fiction, and keep watching the skies for those glinting red eyes and eight robotic reindeer.

Dec. 3: Patrick Tomlinson (The Ark): “Black Friday”

Dec. 4: Matt Hill (Graft—pre-order): “The New Tradition”

Dec. 7: James A. Moore (The Blasted Lands): “Following the Shimmer”

Dec. 8: Megan E O’Keefe (Steal the Sky—pre-order): “The Fight Before Christmas”

Dec. 9: Adam Rakunas (Windswept) “A Buy Day Miracle”

Dec. 10: Marianne de Pierres (Peacemaker) “Sword Play”

Dec. 11: Peter McLean (Drake—pre-order) “Wassailing”

Dec. 14: Carrie Patel (The Buried Life) “Strange Gifts”

Dec. 15: Ferrett Steinmetz (Flex) “A Clean Start for the Holidays”

Dec. 16: Peter Tieryas (United States of Japan—pre-order) “Burma Road”

Dec. 17: Rod Duncan (The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter) “The Peculiar Substance of Solomon Caverny”

Dec. 18: Matthew De Abaitua (If Then) “Godforsaken”

We’ll update this post with links to each new story as they go live. In the meantime, merry Robot Christmas to all!

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