It’s Our Birthday! We’re Celebrating with the 15 Biggest Posts from Our First Year

cakeThis week last year, the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog made its debut with a post listing 15 great speculative fiction books from 2014. Since then, we’ve been here (almost) every weekday, sharing our picks for the best SF/F, graphic novels, and manga for every type of reader. (We get pretty specific sometimes.)

So happy birthday to us, and thanks for following us on our madcap journey through the genres. To celebrate, we considered running down the list of our favorite posts, but we decided, who are we to judge? Instead, let’s take a look at what posts lit a fire under you, the readers. To wit: here are the 15 most-trafficked posts from our first year, and here’s to many more.

1. The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2015: The winner (and it isn’t even close) is our list of 25 of our favorite books from last year. Winnowing it down to a manageable number was a trial, so it’s very rewarding to see that readers apparently value our opinions. Or at least, they love lists. (Everybody loves lists.)

2. Guest Post: 10 Fantasy Novels Whose Depiction of Women Did Not Make Me Smash Things, by Kate Elliott: When we asked Kate Elliott for a guest post to help promote her new book, Black Wolves, she said she didn’t want to beat the gender drum too loudly. But then someone suggested this theme to her on Twitter and, well, she couldn’t resist. We’re not complaining.

3. SF Novels That Should be Considered Literary Classics: Chalk this one up to a combination of a great premise and some controversial choices by the blogger. Or at least, controversial exclusions. Upon reflection, yes, some more women definitely belong on the list, but we’re OK excluding Dune, as we may have mentioned it one or two other times throughout the year.

4Graphic Novels for 6 Types of Sci-Fi Fans: In many ways, sci-fi is a genre most suited to the graphic novel format (pretty pictures + unlimited budgets!), which may be why so many readers were into our suggestions for comics for every kind of SF fan.

5. Books to Read Before You See Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Roundabout Comic-Con time, anticipation for Episode VII was at a fever pitch, which is likely why y’all couldn’t stop clicking on our suggestions for books to brush up on before the big event. Which is good, because now that the entire planet has seen the movie (twice), no one will ever need to click on it again.

6. Trigger Warning: Bite-Size Disturbances From Neil Gaiman: Sometimes it pays to get up early. Through no subterfuge or coercion, we somehow managed to publish the first review of Trigger Warning anywhere online, leading Neil Gaiman to give it a boost on social media and set a bar for page views that took many, many months to clear. (That whole “Tigger Warning” thing probably helped a little.)

7. 6 Delayed Sequels We Can’t Wait to Read: If we had to hazard a guess as to why this one has been a consistent performer, we’d point you here.

8. 6 of the Weirdest Fantasy Worlds Ever Created: If you ask us, when it comes to secondary world fantasy, the weirder the better. Apparently a lot of you agree.

9. Graphic Novels for 6 Types of Fantasy Fans: What we said before about sci-fi graphic novels, but substitute the word “fantasy.”

10. 5 Paranormal Romances Perfect for Television: If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that few types of readers are more passionate (or opinionated) than fans of paranormal romance.

11. 6 Surprisingly Good Books Based on Video Games: The oft-ignored video game tie-in novel gets some much-deserved love.

12. 7 Comic Book Heroines Who Deserve Their Own Movie: Because it’s 2016 and we still haven’t gotten a Marvel movie headlined by a woman. (C’mon, Captain Marvel!)

13. Evolution of a Space Epic: James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse: Andrew Liptak put his blood, sweat, and tears into this exhaustive dive into the origins of your new favorite space opera series, both on the page and onscreen. It’s well worth your time.

14. 7 Times Teleportation Ruined Everything: Are there a lot of mad scientists out there googling about what not to do with their insane inventions? It would seem so.

15. Imagined Illustrations for The Hobbit by 7 Legendary Artists: That Kate Beaton homage tho.

What do you want us to write about in our second year?

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