Maggie the Diné Monster Hunter Returns in 2019 in Storm of Locusts

Last month, Rebecca Roanhorse’s Trail of Lightning hit fantasy readers like… Well, we can’t say “a bolt out of the blue,” because the advance buzz was overwhelming, but in most other respects, the metaphor is apt.

With indelible characters inhabiting a fully realized world drawn from the stories of the author’s Indigenous heritage, its plot is a shocking and satisfying as the book is proof that there’s a room left in fantasy—even in a genre as established as urban fantasy—provided readers are given the chance to explore the stories of writers who haven’t been given a voice in the past. And for Diné monster hunter Maggie Hoskie, there’s a lot of story left to tell.

Maggie’s journey continues next year in Storm of Locusts, book two of the planned four-book Sixth World series. Today, we’re showing off the cover, once again featuring a stunning piece of art by Tommy Arnold, and sharing the first plot details. Below the official summary, find the cover, plus the full wraparound artwork, minus the text, as well as some comments from the author.

Storm of Locusts will be released in April 2019.

Kai and Caleb Goodacre have been kidnapped just as rumors of a cult sweeping across the reservation leads Maggie and Hastiin to investigate an outpost, and what they find there will challenge everything they’ve come to know in this action-packed sequel to Trail of Lightning.

It’s been four weeks since the bloody showdown at Black Mesa, and Maggie Hoskie, Diné monster hunter, is trying to make the best of things. Only her latest bounty hunt has gone sideways, she’s lost her only friend, Kai Arviso, and she’s somehow found herself responsible for a girl with a strange clan power.

Then the Goodacre twins show up at Maggie’s door with the news that Kai and the youngest Goodacre, Caleb, have fallen in with a mysterious cult, led by a figure out of Navajo legend called the White Locust. The Goodacres are convinced that Kai’s a true believer, but Maggie suspects there’s more to Kai’s new faith than meets the eye. She vows to track down the White Locust, then rescue Kai and make things right between them.

Her search leads her beyond the Walls of Dinétah and straight into the horrors of the Big Water world outside. With the aid of a motley collection of allies, Maggie must battle body harvesters, newborn casino gods and, ultimately, the White Locust himself. But the cult leader is nothing like she suspected, and Kai might not need rescuing after all. When the full scope of the White Locust’s plans are revealed, Maggie’s burgeoning trust in her friends, and herself, will be pushed to the breaking point, and not everyone will survive.

Rebecca says:

“Storm of Locusts opens with Maggie dealing with the aftermath of her actions in the big showdown at Black Mesa that ends Trail of Lightning. She’s realized some things about herself that need to change, and she’s going to try her damnedest to change them. But as we all know, change doesn’t come easy or cleanly. There wasn’t a clean fix for Maggie at the end of the first book because, in my experience, that’s not how life works. People are often frustrating and self-centered and don’t always learn from their mistakes.

That also applies to Kai, who has truths about himself to face as well. When Maggie learns he’s joined up with a questionable charismatic leader and left behind a cryptic message meant for her alone, she knows that no matter the stakes, she has to save him, even if it is from himself. He would do the same for her.”

We can’t wait. In the meantime, if you haven’t read it, pick up Trail of Lightning. You won’t regret it for a page.

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