Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence Moves to Publishing; Will Mix Novels and Novellas, Continue to Be Awesome

craftyOver the past year, we’ve put forth a great deal of effort to convince you that Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence novels rank with the best ongoing series in all of fantasy.

And just last month, we lamented that the fifth installment, Four Roads Cross, looked to be the last in the series, set in an expansive world that turns necromancers into lawyers and transforms unsexy matters like zoning disputes and corporate tax incentives into edge-of-your-seat fantasy plot points.

We’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Max Gladstone

Max Gladstone

Today, we’re able to share some exclusive news from Tor Books and Publishing: there will be more stories in the Craft Sequence—a bunch of them—and beyond that, Max will be filling your eyeholes with those and other new fantasy and sci-fi novels between now and the time Disney runs out of Marvel movies (or at least 2019, to be specific).

Next summer, the Craft Sequence transitions to Publishing with a sixth full length novel, Six Feet Over, and thereafter will continue with novella-length works, starting in 2018. has also acquired two original short stories, the Lovecraftian “Crispin’s Model” and the space-based “The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom,” both of which will be published online in 2017.

Tor Books also shared with us their plans to publish additional new novels outside the scope of the Craft Sequence, showcasing the full range of his abilities and imagination. In 2018, The Highway Kind will take us on a magical road trip across America (the best kind!). In 2019, we’ll be blessed with the author’s first full-length, as-yet-untitled, far-future space opera.

Max’s editor, Tor Senior Editor Marco Palmieri, digs the Craft Sequence’s move to Tor’s sister imprint. “I love this idea so much,” he said. “ is the perfect home for Max’s Craft Sequence and his short stories, and Tor Books remains the ideal launchpad for his standalone novels. Max now gets the best of both worlds, with reach in two distinct markets. The only question I keep asking myself is, ‘How’d I not think of this sooner?!’”

Max is excited too: he’s literally cackling with glee.

“I’m overjoyed to carry the Craft Sequence forward with[The] fantastic team and nimble strategy fit perfectly with my vision for the rest of the Sequence—bridging novels and novellas to a climax fans will really love. I get to cover a lot more ground this way, and bring Tara and company through a brilliant series of adventures. And at the same time, I’ll keep developing fantastic, weird worlds with Tor Books—the next two novels I’ve got lined up have me cackling maniacally in my wizard’s tower. I mean house. Normal house. Which I have.”

Sure, Max. Sure.

We’re just happy to get the chance to explore more worlds with one of the most devious fantasy minds working today.

Get ready for 2017: read the five books of the Craft Sequence now.

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