Revealing the Explosive Covers for Two Space Opera Sequels

We loved the spectacle of’s Summer of Space Opera—over a few months of 2017, they released a stack of new books that update the tropes of the genre in exciting ways, many of them from debut authors.

Now, of course, we can look forward to a fistful of space opera sequels—and today, we’re showing off the covers for two of them: Starfire: Memory’s Blade, the final book in Spencer Ellsworth’s bug-laden, action-packed trilogy, with art by Sparth and design by Christine Foltzer; and Void Black Shadow, Cory J. White’s sequel to Killing Gravity, with art by Tommy Arnold and design by Christine Foltzer.

See them both below the respective summaries, and get ready for another explosive year of reading.

Starfire: Memory’s Blade (February 27, 2018)

The Starfire space opera trilogy, a gritty, adult science-fiction adventure, concludes with Starfire: Memory’s Blade.

At the heart of the Dark Zone, a duel for the universe rages.

In an ancient Jorian temple, Jaqi faces John Starfire, the new ruler of the Empire. He has set all the worlds aflame in his quest to destroy humankind. Jaqi has sworn to stop him. Problem is, Jaqi isn’t much of a fighter.

Meanwhile, the sun-eating cosmic spiders, the Shir, have moved out of the Dark Zone and are consuming the galaxy. Araskar knows that he must hold them back, but to do that, he has to give himself over to the Resistance, under the command of John Starfire’s wife. And she wants him dead more than she wants the stars to live.

If Jaqi and Araskar can fight their way out, they can use a secret at the heart of the Dark Zone to free the galaxy, and end John Starfire’s new tyranny. They lose, and every star in the sky will go dark.

Void Black Shadow (March 27, 2018)

Corey J. White’s space opera Voidwitch Series continues: Mars Xi returns in Void Black Shadow, sequel to Killing Gravity.

Mars Xi is a living weapon, a genetically-manipulated psychic supersoldier with a body count in the thousands, and all she wanted was to be left alone. People who get involved with her get hurt, whether by MEPHISTO, by her psychic backlash, or by her acid tongue. It’s not smart to get involved with Mars, but that doesn’t stop some people from trying.

The last time MEPHISTO came for Mars they took one of her friends with them. That was a mistake. A force hasn’t been invented that can stop a voidwitch on a rampage, and Mars won’t rest until she’s settled her debts.

We can’t wait to continue these series. But in the meantime, you’ve got time to check out Spencer Ellsworth and Cory J. White‘s earlier books.

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