Relive the Martian Revolution: Revealing the Barnes & Noble Signed Exclusive Edition of Red Rising

Pierce Brown’s debut novel Red Rising arrived in 2014 riding a wave of hype—The Hunger Games meets A Game of Thrones!—and matched our expectations; across two subsequent books, the saga of lowborn “Red” Darrow, who ascends from the helium mines of Mars to head a revolution against the corrupt “Golds” who rule a deeply class-divided solar system, became both a critical success and a #1 New York Times‘ bestseller with legions of devoted followers.

While Brown’s “Howlers” will have to wait until February to explore the next chapter in the post-revolutionary life of Darrow of Mars in Dark Age, the second book of the Iron Gold trilogy, which picks up in the years following the conclusion of the original series, they will be able to revisit his origins this fall with a special edition of the first book, available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

This special edition includes new cover art featuring the iconic symbol of House Mars that comes to represent Darrow’s revolutionaries, as well as full-color endpapers showing the sigils of the other Houses he faces in the deadly contest known as the Passage. There are also five original black-and-white illustrations by French illustrator Magali Villeneuve (The World of Ice & Fire) and a new preface from the author.

The book will be available online and in stores. Pierce Brown has also hand-signed a limited number of copies that will be sold online only.

Check out full-size versions of the cover and endpapers below, as well as one of the interior illustrations. Place your preorders now—the signed exclusive edition will be published on October 23, 2018, and quantities are limited.

Preorder the B&N signed exclusive edition of Red Rising, out October 23, 2018.

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