Second Verse: Revealing Carved from Stone and Dream: Los Nefilim, Book 2, by T. Frohock

Earlier this year, we reviewed T. Frohock’s Where Oblivion Lives—a story of angels and demons, music and magic—and proclaimed it “mesmerizing.” Ever since, the first novel-length work in the author’s Los Nefilim series, about the supernatural beings who keep the peace between fallen angels and daimons, has haunted us like an enrapturing melody.

And that’s why we’re pleased to offer you a first look at the sequel, Carved from Stone and Dream, arriving next year from Harper Voyager. Below, check out the cover of he novel, learn why the author thinks it a perfect match for the story, and read an excerpt from the prologue.

Carved from Stone and Dream arrives in February 2020.

February 1939.

Catalonia has fallen. Los Nefilim is in retreat.

With the Nationalist forces hard on their heels, the members of Los Nefilim—Spanish Nephilim that possess the power to harness music and light in the supernatural war between the angels and daimons—make a desperate run for the French border.

Diago Alvarez, a singular being of angelic and daimonic descent, follows Guillermo and a small group of nefilim through the Pyrenees, where the ice is as treacherous as postwar loyalties—both can kill with a single slip. When a notebook of Los Nefilim’s undercover operatives falls into a traitor’s hands, Diago and Guillermo risk their lives to track it down. As they uncover a pocket realm deep within the Pyrenees, Diago discovers his family is held hostage.

Faced with an impossible choice: betray Los Nefilim, or watch his family die, Diago must nurture the daimonic song he has so long denied in order to save those he loves.

Cover design by Richard Aquan

“The overlay of shadow and light are two of Los Nefilim’s many themes, and Harper Voyager art director Richard Aquan has done a wonderful job of capturing the imagery so central to the books,” Frohock said. “In the cover art for Carved from Stone and Dream, we see the shades of underground tunnels and cells overlaying a face that might be angelic or daimonic. The colors are cold and ominous, much like the story itself, which documents Los Nefilim’s post-war flight across the Pyrenees.”

An excerpt follows, but first, a note from the author:

“The excerpt that follows is very brief, but it’s taken from the prologue, which was necessary for this particular book. With the events in Carved from Stone and Dream taking place several years after those in Where Oblivion Lives, I needed a quick way to bring the reader up to speed. I toyed with the idea of telegrams, and as I was searching for brief missives, I came across some old CIA reports online. Since both Los Nefilim and their French counterparts, Les Néphilim, are essentially secret service branches that serve the angels, I decided to use the CIA’s format and convey the information through the Inner Guard’s internal reports.”

Magic meets spycraft? Works for us…

Inner Guard Division: Los Nefilim
Don Guillermo Ramírez, Capitán General
Servicio de Investigación Militar
SIM Report No. 49495
26 April 1938

To the Honorable Madame Sabine Rousseau, Capitaine Général, Les Néphilim:

At your urgent request, I am sending the closest members of my court into your safekeeping through Madame Lucile Perrault. It is in Los Nefilim’s best interest that Juanita accompany our daughter, Ysabel Ramírez, with the retinue so that Ysabel can benefit from her mother’s angelic guidance.

Until I can reach Paris, Ysabel is my voice in all matters regarding the Inner Guard and serves as my proxy. I’ve instructed her to establish a base of operations for Los Nefilim in Paris in order to facilitate the resettlement of nefilim displaced by the war. She will have my personal staff at her disposal. Although she is fifteen years old and in her firstborn life, she has trained for this role and exhibits sound acumen. Trust her as you would me.

The Republican mortals have planned one last offensive in the hopes of turning the war in their favor. We have advised them to pursue a different course, but the Popular Front suffers from continued infighting within its leadership. Achieving any form of accord between the groups grows more remote by the day. I will remain with Los Nefilim’s milicianos to offer the mortals support for as long as we’re able.


Inner Guard Division: Los Nefilim
General Miquel de Torrellas
Servicio de Investigación Militar
SIM Report No. 49785
10 February 1939

To the Honorable Madame Sabine Rousseau, Capitaine Général, Les Néphilim:

Catalonia has fallen. Los Nefilim is in retreat.

Our intelligence has uncovered a plot to send assassins after Don Guillermo and his daughter, Ysabel. Diago Alvarez, Carme Gebara, and Feran Perez are assigned to escort Don Guillermo to the French border via an undisclosed route. We severed communications with Don Guillermo on 5 February 1939 for his own safety. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Even in retreat, our unit remains under heavy artillery fire. The Germans and Italians bomb civilians as they flee the Nationalist advance.

My unit will continue to provide support to the mortal refugees in the eastern sector as they cross the Pyrenees. We will approach the border at Le Perthus.

Watch for us.

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