The Space Bugs Are Even Bigger on the Cover of Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven, by Spencer Ellsworth

Last month we introduced you to the weird, bug-crazed sci-fi world of Spencer Ellsworth’s debut a novella Starfire: A Red Peace with an exclusive excerpt from the book, available this August. Trust us when we say if you like your space opera outsized and splashy (sometimes literally), with compelling, larger-than-life characters, you definitely want to pick this one up. In fact, we’re so excited that we’re already thinking about the sequel, Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven, out this fall—and today, we’re showing off the cover, courtest of Publishing.

Shadow Sun Seven, available November 28, features another fantastic cover painting by Sparth, with design by Christine Foltzer. Check it out below the official summary, and if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to lock in your preorder for Starfire: A Red Peace, available August 22.

Shadow Sun Seven continues Spencer Ellsworth’s Starfire trilogy, an action-packed space opera in which the oppressed half-Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanity.

Jaqi, Araskar and Z are on the run from everyone—the Resistance, the remnants of the Empire, the cyborg Suits, and right now from the Matakas—and the Matakas are the most pressing concern because the insectoid aliens have the drop on them. The Resistance has a big reward out for Araskar and the human children he and Jaqi are protecting. But Araskar has something to offer the mercenary aliens. He knows how to get to a huge supply of pure oxygen cells, something in short supply in the formerly human Empire, and that might be enough to buy their freedom. Araskar knows where it is, and Jaqi can take them there. With the Matakas as troops, they break into Shadow Sun Seven, on the edge of the Dark Zone.

Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven will be published November 28, 2017.

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