September’s Best New Mysteries

As temperatures drop and days shorten, it’s time for armchair detectives to dig out our deerstalker hats and dig back into some of our most favorite series! Whether you’re a devotee eagerly awaiting the next installment of J. D. Robb’s epic In Death series, or you just prefer single-serving standalone mysteries, September’s collection of brand new crime novels has got you covered.

Don’t Let Go, by Harlan Coben
15 years ago, Napoleon “Nap” Dumas lost his twin brother Leo when he and his girlfriend, Diana, were hit by a train. This is terrible enough—but in a puzzling twist, Nap’s then-girlfriend Maura also disappeared at the same time. When evidence surfaces linking Maura to a murdered police officer, Nap begins to suspect that his brother’s death wasn’t an accident. His investigation leads him to look up the other members of a high school group called the Conspiracy Club—and he soon realizes that someone else is also tracking down the club’s members as well…and killing them.

Secrets in Death, by J. D. Robb
Lt. Eve Dallas is not the biggest fan of notorious gossipmonger Larinda Mars, but that doesn’t mean she wants Larinda dead. But apparently someone else does. Eve doesn’t usually frequent trendy Manhattan nightclubs, but on the one night she grabs a drink at her husband’s lower Manhattan hotspot, Du Vin, Larinda collapses on her after suffering an attack and subsequently bleeds to death. As Eve does some investigating into Mars’ dealings, it becomes clear that she had gone beyond the purview of gossip, and was busy blackmailing some pretty serious heavy-hitters. As Eve unearths a treasure trove of dark secrets in the glamorous lives of Larinda’s victims, she discovers that when it comes to the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden from the world, there is definitely such a thing as knowing too much.

Enigma, by Catherine Coulter
Dueling race-against-time mysteries make the twenty-first book in Coulter’s FBI series a next-level page-turner, so make sure you’ve got some uninterrupted reading time this month. Husband and wife team Savitch and Sherlock are in a desperate search for a missing newborn whose disappearance has been linked to the efforts of a mad scientist who’s determined to crack the code to eternal life. In the meantime, FBI agents Cam Whittier and Jack Cabot are on a manhunt, tracking an escaped convict through the National Forest. Although it’s a satisfying installment for longtime fans of Coulter’s FBI books, Enigma also works well as a standalone thriller, making it the perfect entry point into a gripping and rewarding series.

Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet (Jesse Stone Series #16), by Reed Farrel Coleman
Paradise, Mass. police chief Jesse Stone is off his game, and understandably so; in the previous novel in the bestselling Jesse Stone series, Debt to Pay, he witnessed the murder of his fiancée. So yeah, he’s been phoning things in a bit lately. On the day of the wedding of his friend Suitcase Simpson, Jesse learns of the upcoming 75th birthday celebration of Massachusetts’ answer to Bob Dylan: musician Terry Jester. Years ago, Jester’s magnum opus-slash-comeback-project) vanished mysteriously, and as Jesse begins to investigate, the cold case seems to lead back to a very warm (and deadly) burglary of an elderly resident. With an inordinate number of loose ends to tie up, and Paradise mayor Constance Walker breathing down his neck, Jesse needs to clear his head and get back in the game—and fast.

The Western Star (Walt Longmire Series #13), by Craig Johnson
Ages ago, Walt took part in the annual Wyoming Sheriff’s Association celebration, which took place during a journey on a steam locomotive known as the Western Star. When a startling photograph from the event resurfaces, it stirs up haunting memories—which are compounded by a quickly approaching parole hearing for one of Walt’s greatest enemies. The Walt Longmire series draws you into the rugged, breathtaking landscape of Wyoming, and yet it’s filled with characters that still manage to tower over it.

Proof of Life (J. P. Beaumont Series #23), by J. A. Jance
Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for J.P. Beaumont, who finds himself pulled not-so-reluctantly back into investigation mode upon learning of the death of his erstwhile nemesis, former crime reporter Maxwell Cole. Maxwell’s death was declared an accident, but Beau isn’t so sure; stranger still is that Maxwell himself is the one who has posthumously insisted upon Beau’s involvement in his case, at the heart of which lies a terrifying enemy who has been waiting an unfathomably long time to exact revenge.

A Tale of Two Kitties (Magical Cats Mystery Series #9), by Sofie Kelly
When Victor Janes returns to Mayville Heights, it causes quite a stir among those who remember the saga of the Janes family; years ago, Victor had an affair with the wife of his twin brother Leo, just before she died in a car accident. Still, it seems as though the brothers are trying to work through things—until local librarian (and cat-assisted detective) Kathleen discovers Leo’s body. The main suspect is Leo’s own son—and Kathleen’s good friend– Simon, and his case isn’t looking very good. With the help of her investigative feline companions, Hercules and Owen, can Kathleen clear Simon’s good name?

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