Shocking Poll Results That Might Make Book Nerds Everywhere Cry

boredreaderA recent HuffPost/YouGov poll recently asked 1,000 Americans about their reading habits, and some of the results are dire enough to bring a book nerd to tears. 41% of the respondents had not read a fiction book in the past year, and when asked “in the past week, did you spend any time reading a print book?,” 48% said no. (48% were unsure.)

28% of respondents admitted to not reading a book of any kind in the past year.

On the flip side, 25% of people “read between one and five books, 15 percent read between six and ten books, 20 percent read between 11 and 50, and eight percent read more than 50” books in the past year.

How many books have you read in the past year?


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