A Signed Book Is the Perfect Gift for Every Reader on Your List

Books make the best presents (we may be bit biased here), and for fans of a particular author or series, a signed edition makes for an even more meaningful gift.

To simplify your holiday shopping and to help you surprise and delight the bookworms in your life this year, we’re gathering together dozens of gifty signed editions, from picture books and YA right up through adult memoirs. There’s something on the list for every reader! Below are just a few highlights—get an early look at all of our signed editions here.

The books are available online and in stores in limited quantities and only while supplies last.

Inside Out: A Memoir, by Demi Moore
She earned fame for her iconic movie roles (St. Elmo’s FireGhostIndecent Proposal, etc.), broke barriers in pay for actresses in Hollywood, and led a personal life highlighted by tabloid-ready marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. Throughout all of this, just under the surface of her glamorous Hollywood life, Demi Moore battled life-long insecurities, barely concealed childhood trauma, and addiction. In her new memoir, she lays it all on the line, from her complicated relationship with her mother, to the ins-and-outs of her acting career, to the challenges of raising a family under the watchful gaze of the paparazzi. It’s potent reminder that even the biggest celebrities are people too—and with Moore’s signature inside, the connection feels all that much more personal.

Dear Girls: Intimate Tales Untold, Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life, by Ali Wong
Actress, writer, and comedian Ali Wong has had an incredible 2019, co-writing and starring in the breakout Netflix hit romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe with Randall Park and Keanu Reeves and releasing this, her first book. Dear Girls is a hilarious memoir-meets-guide to life, filled with stories that feature Wong’s penchant for egoless oversharing about everything from sex to personal grooming. But it also fills in all the gaps in her “overnight success” story, from her time spent studying abroad in her mother’s native Vietnam (an experience with broadened her cultural and culinary horizons) to her early days as a struggling comedian, trudging from one open-mic night to the next. Intimate, confessional, and gut-bustingly funny, a signed edition makes a perfect gift for anyone in you life seeking inspiration, or a few laughs.

Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love, by Jonathan Van Ness
The current Netflix run of Queer Eye has gone well beyond a makeover show for the fashionably clueless, layering in heartwarming and poignant stories of overcoming prejudice that are inspired by a cast that’s not afraid to get to the heart of the issues in the lives of the show’s subjects. That’s certainly the case for grooming and self-care expert Jonathan Van Ness, whose message has been that taking care of yourself comes from the inside out. During his childhood in a small Midwestern town, he was misunderstood by just about everyone—over-the-top and very gay even as a child, he was an easy target for the ridicule and judgement of his peers. Those early experiences shaped his unapologetic positivity and compassion, and he shares that journey in this personal and raw account of the journey to self-acceptance.

The Way I Heard It, by Mike Rowe
On his hit TV shows Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Got to Do It, Mike Rowe explores the lives and day-to-day jobs—from the unusual to the downright messy—of people from all walks of life. But for this book, based on his popular podcast of the same name, his subjects are much more well known: each episode of the show tells you things you don’t know about a person who you’ve definitely heard of, from movie stars, to presidents, to infamous villains, and the book collects the best stories from the series so far. In sharing these unknown details, Rowe reveals something about himself too, whether an event in his personal life or a chapter of his stories career. After spending countless hours watching his TV shows and listening to his podcast, his fans feel like they know him—and they’ll certainly appreciate a signed edition of his latest work.

Face It: A Memoir, by Debbie Harry
Few rock harder than punk icon Debbie Harry, who led the band Blondie, a fusion of rock, punk, disco, and hip-hop incarnate. The deeply private artist’s new memoir revisits the gritty music scene in 1970s New York, an era when some of the greatest bands of all time were on the verge of becoming legends. Through drug addiction, heartbreaks, and breakups, Harry evolved from rock star to activist to icon, busting down barriers and making great music all the while. The Blondie obsessed won’t want to miss out on their chance to get a signed copy of this iconic rocker’s very personal story.

Elbow Grease vs. Motozilla, by John Cena and Howard McWilliam
Elbow Grease, the little monster truck with a big heart (and family!), is back in the second book in John Cena’s hilarious series. This time Elbow Grease must face off against giant monster truck Motozilla, and it feels like the odds are against him. Fortunately his four big brothers have got his back, and they’re ready to show Elbow Grease (and their huge foe) that teamwork conquers all! Fans who love Elbow Grease (as well as multitalented actor, pro wrestler, television host and now author John Cena) will love having an author-signed copy of this sweet, funny story.

Sisters First, by Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Pierce Bush, and Ramona Kaulitzki
An earnest young girl wishes fervently for a little sister, but once the baby arrives, the tiny little bundle isn’t much fun (a story that’s all-too-familiar to older sibs—and parents—everywhere). Once she’s a little older though, the adventures start, and the magic doesn’t stop! This is a loving tribute to sisterhood, unconditional love, and the close bonds of friendship that siblings form. Fans will treasure a copy that has been signed by former first daughters (and twins!) Jenna and Barbara Bush.

The Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo Series #4), by Rick Riordan
In Rick Riordan’s popular The Trials of Apollo series, Zeus has cast down his son Apollo to earth to punish him, forcing Apollo to live as an awkward human teenager named Lester Papadopoulos. In order to reclaim his godly existence, Lester has to restore five Oracles that have gone dark. He’s three down with two to go in this fourth exciting book in the series, and this time, he’s off to Camp Jupiter in San Francisco where the Roman demigods are preparing to take on the evil Triumvirate of Roman emperors. Can Apollo help them survive the battle and restore the fourth oracle? Bonus: This Barnes & Noble–exclusive edition includes a full-color poster of a scene from the book and diary entries of a Camp Jupiter “probatio.” It goes without saying that a Rick Riordan fan, whether they’re Team Trials of Apollo, a Percy Jackson devotee, or a die-hard Magnus Chase aficionado, will adore a signed edition of one of his voicey, adventure-packed novels.

The Queen of Nothing, by Holly Black
The final installment of Holly Black’s Folk of the Air trilogyThe Queen of Nothing brings us back to the world of the high fae—or, in Jude’s current state of affairs, the mortal world. Exiled immediately after being crowned Queen of Faerie, Jude is killing time, waiting for the opportunity to return to her court and take back everything that Cardan stole from her. When her twin sister, Taryn, seeks her out in need of a favor, Jude finally gets the chance to reunite with her king and reclaim her power. Author Holly Black is a titan of YA fantasy, and receiving a signed edition of the conclusion of her spellbinding series will make any fan’s holiday memorable. (Available in stores and online 11/19.)

Wayward Son, by Rainbow Rowell
The lovable Simon Snow (who was first introduced in quirky love letter to fanfiction Fangirl and was given a story all his own in the delicious fantasy Carry On) is back in a tale that dares to ask, “What happens after you’ve saved the world, proven your Chosen One bonafides, and kissed your vampiric roommate?” For Simon, life post-battle is not what he hoped or expected. It’s less HEA, and more ennui. Luckily, Penny and Baz are on top of the problem. Perhaps a trip across the pond to the U.S. for an epic road trip will pull Simon from his slump? Rainbow Rowell is one of those authors whom fans are certain they’d become besties with if they could only manage to meet her; receiving a signed edition of one of her books isn’t exactly the same thing, but it’s still a nice to have.

The Toll (Arc of a Scythe Series #3), by Neal Shusterman
The third and final book in Shusterman’s bestselling series has arrived just in time for the holidays, and when it opens, things are looking grim. We find Citra and Rowan awaking three years after the events of the last book, and on the run from Scythe Goddard’s allies and everyone who would see Rowan burn for the destruction of Endura. The Thunderhead is still in charge, but won’t communicate with anyone other than Greyson Tolliver, a.k.a. the Toll. Will our heroes defeat him? And will an edition of this beauty signed by Shusterman himself be the perfect gift for a die-hard fan? We’re betting the answer to both questions will be yes.

Check out the complete list of signed editions available at Barnes & Noble this holiday season. The books will be available starting November 16.

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