Stay On-Trend in Tokyo with Essential Manga and an Exclusive tokidoki Collection

On July 16, Barnes & Noble celebrates Japanese comics, or manga, and the hottest Tokyo trends with Manga Day, part of Get Pop-Cultured, our month-long celebration of the books, comics, and films that have consumed our cultural consciousness.

We’re hosting an evening of draw and color manga events with artist Camilla d’Errico, along with cosplay and giveaways—plus, a great opportunity to build your library with a buy two, get one free offer on all manga from July 6-19, and add splash of adorableness to your desk with a tokidoki back-to-school collection featuring the popular tokidoki characters, exclusive to Barnes & Noble.

Here are just a few gift ideas for the manga-lover in your life.

Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 1, by Sui Ishida
College student Ken Kaneki was content to read literary novels and admire girls from afar—until an unexpected attack and an accident left him with the organs of a ghoul, a creature who must eat human flesh to survive. Ghouls haunt the dark corners of Tokyo, looking for victims to attack; now Ken is plagued by a strange new hunger, but he’s still human enough to be repelled by the idea. His dilemma plunges him into a whole new life, as he finds a haven in a coffeehouse run by ghouls who are looking for ways to coexist peacefully with humans. But no one is ever safe, as there are humans who also prey on the ghouls. Tokyo Ghoul mixes spectacular battles and heart-stopping action with quieter moments and features an unforgettable cast of unusual characters.

Attack on Titan, Vol. 1, by Hajime Isayama
In the world of Attack on Titan, humans have retreated into a walled city to escape the Titans, giants who shamble about, snatching up people and eating them like snacks. When the Titans breach the wall, it’s up to the Survey Corps to secure the city and try to get the territory back. Young Eren and his friend Mikasa have just completed their training when the city is plunged into chaos. For Eren, it’s an opportunity to do what he has always wanted to do—kill the Titans. It’s not that easy, though: Cool technology lets the Survey Corps soar through the air as if they were flying, but the Titans are bigger and faster, and they can swat a human away like a fly. The story revolves around the intense, passionately driven Eren; the cooler Mikasa, who is a skilled fighter; and the quite Armin, who is the brainy one of the trio. Together they must fight mankind’s most deadly enemy—and the rules keep changing as they go.

One-Punch Man, Vol. 1, by ONE and Yusuke Murata
Saitama was a bored salaryman until an encounter with the monster Crablante (who turned into a giant crustacean after eating too much crab) reminds him of his childhood dream of becoming a superhero. Since he doesn’t have any superpowers, he goes into training and works out so hard that all his hair falls out—and he becomes so strong that he can defeat any super-villain with a single punch. And that’s the problem: He’s bored again. On the one hand, One-Punch Man makes fun of superhero comics, with over-the-top villains and sly little nudges (like a crying child with a t-shirt that says “School Child”). On the other hand, thanks to Yusuke Murata’s excellent art, it’s also a really good superhero comic, with spectacular fights and plenty of action.

tokidoki Mozzarella and Friends Premium Lined Notebook 6″x8″
Why use a regular notebook when you could be advertising your love all off things tokidoki? This one is as sturdy as it is eye-catching, with a colorful image of cow-spotted Mozzarella surrounded by her pals and covered in a soft protective sleeve. Every one of the 80 lines pages features another cute illustration.

tokidoki Multi Characters Zip Around Pencil Case
Be prepared for a sudden burst of inspiration! Keep a writing utensil handy without sacrificing your signature style with this character-covered zip pencil case, with an interior pocket to store your favorite colored pencils or sharpeners and enough room to pack all the colors in the tokidoki rainbow.

tokidoki Diamante Coin Purse 5″
Don’t fish in your pocket for loose change—dazzle everyone in line behind you with this diamond-shaped Diamante zippered coin purse? It’s even blinged out with a glittery finish, because why not?

tokidoki Mozzarella and Friends Vinyl Messenger Bag
Make the ultimate statement with this mesmerizing messenger bag, covered with more tokidoki characters that we can count! It’s roomy enough to fit all of your books and notebooks while offering padded protection for your laptop or tablet. Interior pockets keep your organized and the shoulder strap is adjustable to fit tokidoki fanatics of all ages.

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