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The Season’s Best New Fiction

While you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season, don’t forget to reward yourself—for getting through a nightmarish trip to the mall, a...

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on walden pond

7 Books That Celebrate the Joys of Being Alone

If you think Sartre was right on when he wrote “hell is other people,” or if you could just use a little solitude this holiday season, in...

new releases

November’s Best New Fiction

It’s November, and some delicious dramas are headed for the fiction shelf, along with everygirl allegories and nostalgia trips from heavy hitters. Anne...

happy halloween!

The Best Books That Scarred Us For Life

What’s scarier: seeing something jump out at you, or knowing that it could, and imagining how and when? My bet’s on the latter. Anticipatory...

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October’s Best New Thrillers

With October comes the first chill in the air, that first sense that another year is in the home stretch. To keep the blood pumping and energy up even as...

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fall fiction

The Season’s Most Exciting Literary Fiction

Fire-colored leaves on the sidewalk, Oscar contenders in theaters, and pumpkin spice everything are nice, but if you’re a book lover, there’s...


new releases

October’s Best New Fiction

Christmas in October? It sure looks that way on the new fiction shelves! We’ve got Mary Alice Monroe’s heartwarming A Lowcountry Christmas and...

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writers not to miss

5 More Singular Women Writers to Read if You Love Nell Zink

Nell Zink burst onto the literary scene in 2014 with her debut The Wallcreeper, an entirely unusual story of a floundering marriage that rose out of...

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what would rory read

8 Books We Want to See Rory Reading in the New Gilmore Girls Episodes

Forget about whether Lorelai is still with Luke. Put your questions about Paris on pause. We all know what our most burning questions will be when Gilmore...

new releases

Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder Will Make You Believe

As award-winning author Emma Donoghue made clear in her breakthrough novel Room, she is a master of tight spaces: both the physically cramped confines...

new releases

September’s Best New Thrillers

September comes as a shocking reminder that you haven’t done half the things you intended to do this year. New Year’s Day, bright and crisp with...


the ties that bind

Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth Paints a Thorny Family Portrait

For a story that begins and ends with a party, there’s an astonishing amount of anger, sadness, and deceit in Commonwealth, Ann Patchett’s latest novel...

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