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the writing life

Get Ready for National Novel Writing Month with 5 Fictional Authors

It’s that time of year again, the magical, horrible month when authors, aspiring and otherwise, attempt to write an entire novel in 3o days. Some do...

who wants a werther's?

The 5 Best Grandpas in Literature

Becoming a grandparent is a remarkable experience that many people report as rejuvenating, bringing fresh purpose to people who have otherwise achieved...

love at first fight

Ranking the Meet-Cutes of Classic Lit

The classic meet-cute can be the best part of a love story, or the most cringe-worthy. The more awkward, quirky, or downright doomed the relationship...

fictional wisdom

Can You Guess the Fictional Character By Their Yearbook Quote?

It’s that time of year, when bright-eyed seniors on the verge of leaving the academic coop put together their yearbook pages. Between the “thank...

the book nerd's guide to life

The Book Nerd’s Guide to Baby Names

Welcome to the Book Nerd’s Guide to Life! Every other week, we convene in this safe place to discuss the unique challenges of life for people whose...

regency baes

3 Austen Hotties Who Put Mr. Darcy to Shame

When it comes to the Jane Austen literary canon, there’s one gentleman in breeches who seems to be everyone’s favorite boyfriend: The one, the...


wish lists

6 Fictional Characters Whose Memoirs We’d Love to Read

There’s nothing better than a good tell-all memoir…except, of course, a tell-all memoir from someone whose past, present, and future...

happy easter!

The 5 Creepiest Rabbits in Fiction

Easter is upon us, bringing its usual associates: egg hunts, little girls in frilly white dresses, Peeps, and, of course, the Easter Bunny, hop-hop-hopping...



7 Fictional Characters We’re Dying to Take with Us On Spring Break

If you’re heading off to spring break, let’s talk about squad. Your squad isn’t just the people you happen to book tickets with, the people whose...

classics revisited

Jane Steele Is the Hard-Edged Jane Eyre You Never Knew You Wanted

Lyndsay Faye is a certifiable meddler in fiction. Her debut novel, Dust and Shadow, pitted Sherlock Holmes against Jack the Ripper in a masterful showdown...

funny stuff

6 Fictional Characters’ Celebrity Cookbooks We Would Definitely Read

I love celebrity cookbooks. How could I not? I love celebrities, I love food, and I love making fun of the weird things celebrities like to eat, so...

all hail singledom

The Best Worst Couples in Literature

Every February, Valentine’s Day makes people in romantic relationships sweat their way through increasingly elaborate displays of affection, while...

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