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Our Most Anticipated New Book Releases of November 2020

While November might just be the most anticipated month of 2020 (VOTE!), we’re here to roundup our most anticipated books. So, whatever...

new releases

Our Most Anticipated New Kids’ Book Releases of November 2020

This year has given some of us way more family time than we bargained for — or  if you’re lucky, the perfect amount — but now we’ve reached the...

new releases

Our Most Anticipated New Kids’ Book Releases of October 2020

Goodbye summer, hello fall! We don’t know about you, but we are officially ready for pumpkins, spooky season and getting cozy with a great new read—and...

new releases

Our Most Anticipated New Book Releases of October 2020

Debut authors, literary giants, lyrical poets, celebrated chefs and keen observers of life all come together to showcase more of the stellar lineup of new...

new releases

The Most Anticipated New Book Releases of September 2020

There’s quite an embarrassment of riches this September when it comes to long-awaited, must-read new releases. Most of us come to expect some heavy...


Our Favorite Kissing (and Almost-Kissing) Scenes In Literary History

To melt your cold, February-bitten heart this almost-Valentine’s day, we present our favorite kissing scenes in literature—and a couple scenes so...

new releases

February's Top Picks in Fiction

This month readers are diving into a story of Nazi-occupied France told through the eyes of two estranged sisters, a multigenerational epic set in...

sci-fi & fantasy roundups

June Sci-Fi/Fantasy Roundup: Undead Armies, Interdimensional Gateways, and the Untold History of Westeros

From fantastic fantasy to scintillating sci-fi, we at the Barnes & Noble Book Blog do more than our fair share of browsing in the genre aisles. Whether...

romance roundups

Romance Roundup: Rogues, Earls & Inmates

It’s a great time to be a romance reader—there are wonderful new books coming out every time you turn around. But how can you keep track of them...

american girl

Our Favorite American Girls

There are as many different reasons for choosing your favorite American Girl doll as there are American girls. Maybe you felt a kinship with a certain doll...



The 7 Best Revenge Stories in Literature

Marcus Aurelius once said that the best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury. Sure, it’s sage advice, but where’s the fun in...


Lady Biz

Mother’s Day Books for Your Quirky Mom

We understand your mom’s LARPing obsession was a little hard to deal with as a kid (especially on the days she dressed up as the tavern wench). But...

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