10 of Our Most Anticipated Sci-Fi YA Novels of the Second Half of 2016

2016 SF YAYou’ve already read all the amazing 2016 YA sci-fi titles we previewed back in January, right? I hope so, people, because the second half of 2016 is jammed with loads more reality-shifting, space-traveling, universe-threatening, mind-bending YA sci-fi awesomeness! Here are 10 of the most exciting titles racing through space and time to own your feels for the rest of the year.

The Revival, by Chris Weitz (July 19)
Kicking things off in July, Chris Weitz, writer of the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie, brings us the conclusion to his thrilling Young World trilogy. In The Revival, Donovan, Kath, Jefferson, and the rest of their tribe recover from the emotional cliffhanger of book two and defend their city against an all-out attack. Expected: more of the same great dialogue and action, plus some serious emotional intensity.

The Ones, by Daniel Sweren-Becker (September 6)
In this near-future sci-fi thriller, the Ones are the one percent of the population lucky enough to receive genetic engineering. They’re all healthy, super talented, totally gorgeous…and seriously hated by the rest of the world. That hate drives the Equality movement, which becomes so popular the Ones start getting treated like second-class citizens. Which is when things get really dangerous. Cady and her boyfriend James are Ones. They join a radical group, and Cady is drawn into their aggressive tactics. Soon, those around her wonder just how far she’ll go for this fight.

Surge, by Melissa West (September 6)
Book 4 of the Taking series is slated to give us its most twisty, suspenseful plot yet: 16-year-old Val is an alien assassin whose life’s mission is to kill the boy who will become a president and slaughter her people. But the boy, Rolf, is ready for her, and has spent his whole life training for Operation: don’t get killed by aliens. When they meet, they discover the prophecy isn’t all that it seems. With Surge, West is set to give us tension, romance, conspiracies, and thrills.

The Fever Code, by James Dashner (September 27)
Picking up where The Kill Order—his original prequel to The Maze Runner series—left off, The Fever Code promises to let us know just how Thomas and WICKED built the maze. No bigs. Just the KEY TO THE WHOLE FREAKING SERIES. Like, how did the gladers get chosen? Who do Thomas and Teresa really work for? And who are group B, anyway? There will be secrets. There will be lies. There will be betrayals. And—spoiler—there will be a maze. A must-read for fans of the series, and a spoilery place to start if you haven’t read any of the others.

Replica, by Lauren Oliver (October 4) 
October is an EPIC month for YA sci-fi. It kicks off with Lauren Oliver’s “flip book” Replica, which is part one of a duology. It tells Lyra and Gemma’s stories in two separate narratives, which you can choose to read back to back, or in alternating chapters. Lyra is an experimental test subject who escapes from secret research facility the Haven Institute with a fellow test subject. Gemma is a lonely teen who discovers a family connection to the Haven Institute, and goes on the run to find out more. Not a spoiler: the two narratives end up connecting, and a wider world emerges that neither of the characters could have foreseen.

The Midnight Star (Young Elites series #3), by Marie Lu (October 11)
The Midnight Star concludes Lu’s Young Elites series. The story takes antiheroine Adelina Amouteru on a dangerous mission to save her empire from a deadly new threat. All the Elites are at risk, and dangerous alliances must be made in order to survive—but those alliances may prove to be the biggest threat of all. Lu is sure to bring it home in this exciting mix of intrigue, adventure, and darkness.

Geminaby Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (October 18)
October’s not done with you yet, people. Following up on last year’s runaway hit Illuminae, the fiendish Kaufman and Kristoff return with an even more epic slice of mind-bending sci-fi. Their pitch for Gemina was simple and irresistible: Die Hard meets Aliens. It takes place on Heimdall, a space station that sits next to a huge freaking wormhole. While the surviving characters from Illuminae make their way there, the occupants of Heimdall have MAJOR problems of their own to deal with: elite assassins, truly nasty aliens, and that’s just the beginning. The story follows Nik, a tatted-up gang member, and Hanna, the daughter of the station commander (who has some deadly skills of her own). They find themselves forced to team up when their station gets attacked, but they have no idea just how insanely bad things are going to get.

A Darkly Beating Heart, by Lindsay Smith (October 25)
If three huge releases in one month isn’t enough—and let’s be honest, it isn’t—then good news: Smith is bringing a time travel thriller set in both the present day and nineteenth-century Japan. It centers around Reiko, a rage-filled teen who just wants to hurt those around her…and herself. When her suicide attempt goes wrong, her family sends her from Seattle to live with relatives in Japan. Which is when Reiko starts slipping into the nineteenth-century life of Miyu, a young girl whose anger and darkness exceeds even Reiko’s. Reiko enjoys wreaking revenge as Miyu, until she discovers Miyu’s secret, and finds herself facing demons even she might not be able to handle.

A Million Worlds with You (Firebird series #3), by Claudia Gray (November 1)
As well as writing one of the greatest Star Wars novels ever, the wonderful YA sci-fi Lost Stars, Gray is also the author of the Firebird trilogy. A Million Worlds with You brings it to an epic conclusion. Marguerite has been at the center of an interdimensional war since she started using her parents’ invention, the Firebird, to cross dimensions. Now the Triad corporation has an alt-world Marguerite whom they plan to use to destroy hundreds of universes. Only the good Marguerite can stop the evil one from annihilating the multiverse. Which is a really cool sentence to write, and a really cool way to end a trilogy.

Black Moon (Zodiac series #3), by Romina Russell (December 6)
Black Moon is the third book in the epic Zodiac space saga, following up on Zodiac and Wandering Star. Rho survived her victory over the nefarious Marad organization, and an uneasy peace fills the universe. But Rho is seeing visions and suspects the Master is still lurking somewhere out there. She sets off on a galactic road trip to pursue her visions and suspicions. What she finds threatens not only her, but the entire universe.

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