17 of Our Most Highly Anticipated Sequels of 2018

The stories continue! Find out what your favorite characters have been up to and where they’re going next in this amazing collection of next installments in series of all genres. (Please note that spoilers are to be expected, but will be kept as vague as possible!)

You can also find highly anticipated sequels among our most anticipated fantasies, including Shadowsong, by S. Jae-Jones (February 6); The Traitor Prince, by C.J. Redwine (February 13); Daughter of the Siren Queen, by Tricia Levenseller (February 27); Lost Crow Conspiracy, by Rosalyn Eves; A Reaper at the Gates, by Sabaa Tahir (May 22); Legendary, by Stephanie Garber (May 29); Bruja Born, by Zoraida Cordova (June 5); and Smoke in the Sun, by Renée Ahdieh (June 5); and in our most anticipated science fiction, including Restore Me, by Tahereh Mafi (March 6); Genesis, by Brendan Reichs (March 6); and Obsidio, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (March 13)!

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The True Queen, by Sarah Fine (January 2)
The Impostor Queen introduced us to Elli, the official rising queen whose power wasn’t what anyone expected it to be. The Cursed Queen introduced us to Thyla, a warrior placed in shoes she never expected to fill. In the final book of this trilogy, the opposite sides of the fire-and-ice-mastering Valtia coin will have to face off or work together to restore the rightful queen to the throne.

Chainbreaker, by Tara Sim (January 2)
After the frantic, chilling events of the utterly delightful and gay Timekeeper, Danny’s ready to settle down and chill with his new love, clock spirit Colton. But the clock mechanic is by no means finished with his work, and now not only is he being watched, but he’s being swept off to India to investigate a wave of falling clock towers there. What he finds sheds a dark light on the British Occupation, and on him and Colton as well.

Dark Goddess, by Amalie Howard (February 13)
In this sequel to Alpha Goddess, all is well in the Mortal Realm now that the Lord of Death has been removed from the throne and Sera’s best friend, Kyle, sits there instead…until demons suddenly descend upon them, and Sera is forced to desperately search for their source. When she beseeches the gods for assistance, they send Kira, the living incarnation of Kali, goddess of destruction. Kira will fight by any means necessary to preserve the heavens, even if it means the Mortal Realm suffers in the process. With their only hope for help now an entirely different kind of enemy, Kyle and Sera have to work together to protect their world and save everyone they love.

The Defiant, by Lesley Livingston (February 13)
The Valiant was one of my favorite fantasy YAs of 2017, so I’m thrilled to be back in the world of Fallon and the other gladiatrixes. Of course, while I always knew Fallon was gonna be a fighting rock star, not everyone was prepared for her level of success; she’s going to pay for how well she’s done and for falling for the enemy. The only ones who might be able to save her from the clutches of a rival gladiator school are the Amazon warriors…but then again, they might destroy her, too.

Sightwitch, by Susan Dennard (February 13)
This third entry of the Witchlands series is an illustrated novella, set back in the beginning, when Ryber was but a Sightwitch sister tucked away at a convent and waiting for a call from her goddess that never comes. Suffused with the pain of being the only Sister who doesn’t possess the Sight, watching the others hurts her soul for years, right up until they’re all summoned into the mountain and don’t come back. Ryber is alone, and she’s the Sisters’ only hope, Sight or no Sight. It’s on her journey to save them that she meets Kullen and their perilous path changes things forever.

Blood of a Thousand Stars, by Rhoda Belleza (February 20)
The followup to the glorious epic sci-fi fantasy Empress of a Thousand Skies picks up with Princess Rhiannon in the throes of revolution, forced to make a choice between trusting her enemy or denouncing him no matter how great the cost may be. But she’s not the only one with the villainous Nero in her sights; Alyosha wants nothing more than to kill him in cold blood, but revenge may come at too high a price. Meanwhile, Kara’s still struggling with the secrets of her past and the fact that she’s the throne’s rightful heir…if she even wants to claim it.

These Vengeful Souls, by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas (February 20)
The “Victorian X-Men” trilogy that begin with These Vicious Masks comes to a close in 1883 England with the powerful Evelyn on the run with Sebastian, who’s still in mourning. She’s determined to get revenge on Captain Goode, but will the cost be too great to achieve it? And if he and his lies have their way, will she in fact have any choice at all? This has been such a fun series, mashing up powers, history, and romance in a delightful way that makes me hope there’s plenty more ahead for this writing duo.

The Heart Forger, by Rin Chupeco (March 1)
The Bone Witch introduced us to bone witch Tea, who was struggling with her newfound skill in necromancy. Now that she’s polished her ability, she’s determined to return from her exile, control the daeva, and get revenge against the murderous royals. But her rare gift in black magic makes her both a tool and a target, and there’s war on the horizon…

A Case For Jamie, by Brittany Cavallaro (March 6)
Isn’t it the best when you’re reading the final book in a favorite series and it doesn’t let you down in the slightest? After allowing Charlotte and Jamie’s tentative, complex, volatile relationship to build, implode, and generally ride a roller coaster to hell from A Study in Charlotte onward,  the series’ third book begins with them down in the depths, having not spoken for a year. Jamie’s dating someone, Charlotte’s a girl on a mission, and as to whether they’ll ever see each other again…well, that’s something they’re both pretending very hard not to think about. But with Lucien Moriarty still on the loose and someone at Sherringford clearly out to get Jamie, their reconciliation may be inevitable. It also may be the last thing they ever do.

Hero at the Fall, by Alwyn Hamilton (March 6)
This final book in the Rebel of the Sands trilogy sees Amani Al’Hiza leading a revolution against the Sultan of Miraji, after he imprisoned the Rebel Prince Ahmed in mythical Eremot. She, her gun, her Demdji powers, and her rebel crew are headed on a desert rescue mission into the impossible: a place even maps can’t find. Is she really ready to take charge against both enemy soldiers and ghouls, or are they all headed to certain death?

Trouble Never Sleeps, by Stephanie Tromly (April 24)
Trouble never sleeps and neither does the chemistry between Zoe and Digby, the will-they-won’t-they detective team at the heart of this hilarious mystery trilogy that opened with Trouble is a Friend of Mine. Especially now that Digby’s back in town, hooking their whole gang back into the hunt for his kidnapped sister. Things are about to get messy as all get-out and next-level dangerous, but there’s nothing as shocking as what they never saw coming.

9 Days and 9 Nights, by Katie Cotugno (May 1)
I love absolutely everything Katie Cotugno writes, and that includes her beautifully morally gray, double-standard exploring 99 Days. So how psyched am I that there’s now a companion? To quote Mean Girls, the limit does not exist. Molly Barlow is back and I am ready and waiting to wrap her up in a warm hug as she begins this companion novel a year later as a business major in college, having left the mess of her life and reputation behind her. She and her new boyfriend are traveling Europe and everything is generally wonderful. Which is, of course, exactly when they run into her ex, Gabe, and his new girlfriend, Sadie. Ian and Sadie don’t know about the past between Molly and Gabe, which is probably why Ian comfortably invites the other couple to travel with them. That means nine days and nine nights in Ireland, together. Have they moved past who they used to be? Or are they destined to make messy choices to end up in each other’s arms?

War Storm, by Victoria Aveyard (May 15)
It’s here! It’s here! The final book in the bestselling Red Queen series has Mare still reeling from betrayal…and determined to finally overthrow the kingdom of Norta in the name of the Reds and newbloods. But hurt as she may be, Mare knows alliances are everything in this battle, and she doesn’t have much choice in hers. War is coming, and Mare, Cal, and Maven are throwing in with everything they have. But who will actually survive it?

City of Bastards, by Andrew Shvarts (June 5)
Royal Bastards is one of the most fun YA fantasy novels I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, so I am extremely here for its follow-up and the return of Tilla, Zell, and Princess Lyriana. Tilla should be happy now, safe with her friends and boyfriend and starting at University. But Jax is still dead and her traitorous father’s still at large…and then a classmate shows up dead. It’s declared a suicide, but when Tilla is attacked by a man with dark powers, she knows there must be something conspiratorial at play. Something that could be treasonous to even suggest. But Tilla can’t stop digging, and the information she uncovers could lead to untold destruction.

Nightblood, by Elly Blake (June 5)
Ruby is on top of the world in the final book in the New York Times–bestselling Frostblood Saga, heir to the Fire Throne and in love with a Frost King. Oh, and it’s possible she’s also a Nightblood, descendant of a deity fiercely determined to release the violently hungry Minax from their prison. It’s up to Ruby, Arcus, and Kai to bring the Frostbloods and Firebloods together despite a lifetime of enmity to stand together against the danger that threatens to literally consume them all.

My Plain Jane, by Jodi Meadows, Cynthia Hand, and Brodi Ashton (June 26)
For their first book in the creative Jane series, this highly acclaimed trio took on a reimagining of Lady Jane Grey’s story for My Lady Jane. In their newest (which is another standalone, not a sequel), they take on literary figure Jane Eyre, mashing her up with aspiring author Charlotte Brontë, supernatural investigator Alexander Blackwood, and one heck of a ghost hunt.





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