5 Snow White Retellings to Get You Ready for Winter

With winter coming, there’s one thing everybody can rely on: snow. Even if you’re not in an area that gets snow – you lucky ducks – there’s no doubt that snow will appear on your TV screen, in the movies you watch, and in the books you’re reading.

And the best kind of snow? A Snow White retelling, of course. ​Reading fairy tales is much better than digging your car out of five feet of fluffy water. (Trust me.) Peek at these five books and snatch up your favorites to settle in with this winter.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass, by Melissa Bashardoust
This queer, feminist reimagining of Snow White is a debut told in dual narratives and is one of the prettiest written novels I’ve read this year. Mina’s mother is dead and her heart can’t even beat in mourning, as her heart is made of glass and cannot beat at all. Lynet looks just like her late mother, and by accident, she finds out why: a magician carved her from snow in the dead queen’s image. Their stories intertwine, two women destined to become rivals from the beginning.

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, by Julie C. Dao
Love a good villain? Me, too. Fans of Regina from Once Upon A Time will need to pick up Julie C. Dao’s East Asian fantasy reimagining of the Evil Queen. Xifeng is destined to become the Empress, and that means embracing the darkness inside her, a darkness that demands she eat hearts.

The Shadow Queen, by C.J. Redwine
Do you want to know what I need more in my life? Huntsmen that are part dragon. You read that right. In The Shadow Queen, Lorelai Diedrich is the crown princess, a fugitive, and the girl destined to kill the wicked queen who took the Ravenspire throne. Lorelai can do that with the help of magic and Kol, the prince of the neighboring kingdom.

The Sleeper and the Spindle, by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell
I’m not a huge Gaiman fan, but I’m obsessed with his retelling of Snow White, which is illustrated by Chris Riddell. A mash-up of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, it follows a young queen who sets out to rescue a princess from an enchantment on her wedding night. The drawings are gorgeous and plot twists of this illustrated short story will keep you at the edge of your seat.

The Fairest Beauty, by Melanie Dickerson
Let’s dive into some backlist! Sophie wants to get away from her stepmother’s jealousy, and she finds her out: Gabe, the brother of the man she’s betrothed to. As they flee her stepmother to the Cottage of the Seven, they find themselves falling for each other, even as the danger around them grows.


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