5 Steamy New York–Set Summer Stories

Summer in the Invisible CitySummer is (finally) officially here, which means long, hot months of fun and independence. And it’s hard to imagine a better summer than one spent falling in love—with the streets of New York City, of course. That long stretch from June to August is the perfect time to flirt with new people, places, and—best of all—page-turners. For reading by the beach, on the subway, or wrapped in the comfort of your AC, here are five books that will satisfy your love of love stories, summer adventures, and the city.

Summer in the Invisible City, by Juliana Romano
Sadie has a plan for her summer: take photography classes, make new friends, and bond with her absentee father. Then she meets Sam, a nature-loving boy from outside the city who just wants to be friends. Which is fine with Sadie, since she’s still getting over being used and dropped by cool older boy Noah. Sadie and Sam explore the city and share secrets, and everything seems perfect—until Sam announces he’s moving away. As things go wrong on every front, Sadie has to figure out what she really wants and whether or not she has grown up at all.

Making Pretty, by Corey Ann Haydu
Montana and her sister, Arizona, have always been inseparable. That is, until Arizona goes to college and comes back a different person. As she and Montana grow apart, Montana gets closer to Karissa, an older girl in her acting class. But things with Karissa aren’t quite what they seem to be, and their friendship only pushes Montana and Arizona further apart…as does Montana’s new relationship with Bernardo, a pretty boy she met in the park. Add in her plastic surgeon father’s divorce from wife number four, and Montana’s life is chaos. Now, what can she do to fix it?

City Love, by Susane Colasanti
Three girls, living in New York City for the summer before their freshman year of college begins. Sadie is ready to get away from home, working an internship until college finally starts, Darcy just wants to have fun, and Rossanna is ready to leave her old life behind—on a budget. Before long, they’re each falling in love. Told from alternating perspectives, City Love is the perfect summer beach read. And best of all? You can follow up on Sadie, Darcy, and Rossanna’s stories with Lost in Love, the next installment in the series, right away.

Dreamland Social Club, by Tara Altebrando
Jane’s mother died years ago, but her little family is still reeling. After years spent traveling, Jane, her father, and her brother finally settle down in an inherited house on Coney Island, where things start to feel like home…even though they’re leaving in a year. While her father focuses on remodeling the boardwalk, Jane explores her mother’s old home. With the help of a tattooed boy named Leo, she starts discovering her mother’s past and uncovering the secrets of Coney Island. It turns out Jane might not want to leave when the year’s up, and she definitely doesn’t want her dad bulldozing her mother’s childhood memories.

Great, by Sara Benincasa
Naomi isn’t looking forward to another summer spent with her socialite mother and the designer-clad teens she’ll never quite fit in with. But things are different this year: Naomi gets caught up in the fabulous, almost magical life of her neighbor, internet-famous fashion blogger Jacinta. But when Jacinta’s world turns out to be a carefully constructed web of lies, and her friendship is based on ulterior motives (namely, getting closer to Delilah Fairweather), Naomi has to decide if being used by her is worth the thrills. Full of Long Island parties and lovely twists, Great is the Great Gatsby retelling you didn’t know you needed.

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