7 Hollywood YAs We Love

Everything Leads to YouSure, books are fun, but would you believe there’s entertainment off the page, too? That’s where Hollywood often comes in, with its glitz and glamour, fabulous parties, and, every now and again, teenage train wrecks. Whether you prefer your TV/movie books on the set or on location, romantic or fauxmantic, behind the scenes or under the lights, YA’s got something for everyone, just in time for the Oscars®.

Not in the Script, by Amy Finnegan
Emma Taylor hasn’t had great luck with boyfriends who share her acting profession, but when she lands on a show with both her longtime crush and a newbie who happens to be the object of her best friend’s admiration, everything in her world turns around. Those who prefer their Hollywood books without high drama will particularly love Emma and Jake’s love story, a much-earned slow-burn between two very normal people in slightly less normal jobs. But don’t let the quiet of the romance fool you; this book brims with industry insider info, too.

Everything Leads to You, by Nina LaCour
In an industry where those in the spotlight get all the attention, a Hollywood YA centered around a girl with a passion for set design is a refreshing change. Emi’s adoration for her craft bleeds through LaCour’s beautifully written pages…as does her adoration for Ava, the beautiful granddaughter of a recently deceased Hollywood icon, who fascinates her with her life of mystery. A sweet romance that explores different sides of Hollywood from the usual extravagant fanfare, it feels like a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.

Catch a Falling Star, by Kim Culbertson
Carter Moon is happy to be a small-town girl, which makes her less than thrilled when said town blows up in a big way with the arrival of teen star Adam Jakes. Her being totally unimpressed by the Hollywood bad boy, however, makes her the perfect choice for his next PR move: dating a “real” girl to bring his image back down to Earth. Carter agrees for the money, but soon finds she is indeed exactly what Adam needed, and that maybe the reverse is true, too.

There You’ll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones
Calling this a Hollywood book might be a bit of stretch, given it’s Christian fiction that takes place in Ireland, but Beckett Rush is definitely a star (complete with an overbearing dad-as-manager). He and hotel heiress Finley Sinclair both have somewhat wild pasts when they meet on the flight taking him to a set and her to her study abroad program, but the friendship-turned-romance that follows is sweet and genuine, and the way they work together through their own personal issues is nothing if not grounded in the real world.

Behind the Scenes, by Dahlia Adler
Growing up watching her best friend, Vanessa, get kicked around by Hollywood hasn’t exactly endeared the industry to Ally Duncan, but Van’s abtastic new costar Liam sure helps things…at least until a twisted publicity plan puts Liam and Vanessa together in the spotlight. Full disclosure: this blogger is the author of this book, which contains much drama, kissing, and discussion of the fact that Hollywood is super-white.

Secrets of My Hollywood Life, by Jen Calonita
This book is the first of six that take teen actress Kaitlin from TV to high school to Broadway and beyond. From on-set rivals to managing a relationship with a non-actor to bad-girl phases getting caught on camera, this insidery series is especially perfect for younger YA readers who want to know all about the industry, through the eyes of a sweet, likable heroine.

Dead to Me, by Mary McCoy
This upcoming title is high on our most-anticipated list (a YA LA Confidential?? Yes, please!), and takes things into a far darker Hollywood than the lighter contemporaries above. Alice has been waiting four years for her vanished sister Annie to return, and in that time, she hasn’t managed to learn what made her run off in the first place. But when Annie does return, it’s in a coma, leaving it to Alice to uncover who beat her sister to near-death and why. Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, this historical YA mystery promises to be rife with shady characters, private eyes, and dark twists aplenty.

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